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Day Gold

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  1. Tough Love
    by Forth Wanderers
  2. life like moving pictures
    by bedbug
  3. Painter - Single
    by Max Gowan
  4. chances
    by Emily Yacina
  5. Apology Plant
    by Lilith
  6. In Bliss
    by True Blossom
  8. Live at Rhizome
    by Heart of the Ghost with Dave Ballou
  9. Fall 2020
    by Z Tapes
    Rewind Rewind
    Z Tapes compilations are always a great way to discover your next favorite band.
  10. Be Estranged
    by Phantom Handshakes
  11. Dinner Dates for the End of Days
    by Scarves
  12. Gusty
    by Birdspotter
  13. Friends Covering Friends Vol. I
    by Z Tapes
    Deep Dark Bliss (Day Gold) Deep Dark Bliss (Day Gold)
    Another solid compilation from beginning to end.
  14. Sabbatical
    by Rangers
  15. Milk Floe
    by Happypills
  16. Prince of Oddities
    by Port Lucian
  17. happy summer
    by computer science
  18. Sun Into Flies
    by Joyer
  19. Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else
    by Carriers
  20. Everyone Will Fall
    by The Natural 20s