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  1. Christmas Split
    by Christmas 2013
  2. Saudade
    by A Magnificent Cold
  3. Tro
    by Noumenon
  4. botched restorations
    by Little Kid
  5. Logic Songs
    by Little Kid
  6. flowers
    by Little Kid
  7. Bandana
    by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
  8. Departure
    by Alldrig
  9. Uncertain Silence
    by A Magnificent Cold
  10. Spleen & Ideal
    by Sebastian Crugley
  11. Manifestation
    by Sebastian Crugley
  12. Scars as Souvenirs
    by A Magnificent Cold feat. Phantasos
  13. Nocturne
    by A Magnificent Cold
  14. Uncontrolled Dreams of Exploding Skies
    by Alldrig
  15. Introspective Existentialism
    by Alldrig
  16. Stratford Ct. | Sonus Auri
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
  17. Toon Time Raw!
    by Jerry Paper
  18. Hypnic Jerks
    by the spirit of the beehive
  19. Madvillain Vol. 1
    by Abstract Orchestra
  20. Crumb/Locket
    by Crumb
  21. might as well with my soul
    by Little Kid
    the fifth the fifth
  22. Bad Bonez
    by Michael Seyer
    I Feel Best When I'm Alone I Feel Best When I'm Alone
  23. The Dank
    by Dr. Colossus
    Dr. Colossus Dr. Colossus
  24. Map
    by Little Kid
    Kneelers Kneelers
  25. River of Blood
    by Little Kid
    Law Law
  26. SUN MILK
    by Little Kid
    slow death in a warm bed slow death in a warm bed