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  1. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
  2. Vandereer
    by El Huervo
  3. The Slow Blade: 10 Year Anniversary Compilation
    by Swedish Columbia
  4. Current Events
    by Mitch Murder
    In The News In The News
    one of my all time top favorite synthwave tracks. luv ya mitch <3
  5. After Hours
    by Mitch Murder
  6. Globes
    by The Toxic Avenger
  7. lava land
    by piglet
  8. Everyone's Invited
    by Sports
    Autopilot Autopilot
    i wish more people knew about these guys! so smoooth
  9. Before The Night
    by HOME
  10. Odyssey
    by HOME
  11. Happy To Be Here
    by Barrie
    Chinatown Chinatown
    love getting lost in this track!
  12. Excursions
    by C418
    Tingle Tingle
    by Jean Jean
    Celjabinsk Celjabinsk
  14. Sketch
    by SCATTLE
    Cold Shoulders Cold Shoulders