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  1. Dorkcore: The Compact Disc
    by Kevin and the Bikes
    One of the bikes themselves told me it was lit so I had to preorder
  2. djhfs
    by djhfs
  3. nocturnal moods
    by Koolcat
    by No Agreements
    I did track 1 in a half hour because I woke up too late to spend a full hour on something before class. Everyone else did pretty dang well though. Proud of ya.
  5. Hey Guys Welcome to Episode 3
    by djhfs
  6. Adolescence Jacket
    by Pink Pots
  7. Shine Sprite
    by Cheem
    Fantastic group, incredible single
  8. Tape Recorder
    by Lionlimb
  9. Unlisted Caller EP
    by Ciarán Galati
  10. Phonemenomicon
    by Impossible Nothing
  11. Boy Fingers and the Truth of the Moon
    by The Meme Friends
    Snake Oil Hair Gel Snake Oil Hair Gel
    "You say that every month" Fuck you Jones you're a stinko
  12. V: Perfect Madness
    by Install a Friend
  13. The Captive State
    by (iii)
  14. Making a Planet
    by Cheem
  15. Tokyo Anaru Dynomito Vah Two Sree Foh
    by The Meme Friends
  16. Here Comes A Special Boy?
    by Mattie Konig
  17. a long series of notes
    by Koolcat
  18. The Adventures of Kompy
    by Tuxdog
    appears in 1 other collection
  19. The Life and Times Forthcoming
    by Pink Pots
  20. Perdurance
    by Jute Gyte