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  1. Stephie Coplan & The Pedestrians
    by stephie coplan
  2. Dekard's Tale
    by The Nothing
    November 2019 November 2019
  3. Beats of a Dirty Old Man pt.2 (name price)
    by The Nothing
    The Theatre The Theatre
  4. Tokyo EP
    by The Nothing
    Welcome to Tokyo Welcome to Tokyo
  5. the Twilight Zone EP
    by The Nothing
    Half my Language feat Brothers Amor Half my Language feat Brothers Amor
    This was my first experience with The Nothing. The artist is incredibly creative, makes some of the best trip hop/jazz/hip hop mix ups I've ever heard all while having a completely unique style that no other artist captures.

    His utilization of the Brothers Amor is also outstanding, they offer some of the smoothest flowing rhymes out there and they drop nicely over The Nothing's unique sound.

    The artists utilization of Twilight Zone clips in this album is also something that TZ fans will love.
  6. Soleil
    by Soleil
    Been a while (If you want out you can Remix) Been a while (If you want out you can Remix)
    Listening to Soleil is what it sounds like to be lost in a dreamworld forever.

    This album offers hauntingly beautiful, mellow electronica and every time I listen to it I become both lost in thought and feel as though the world around me has become more beautiful.

    Typically I am not a fan of remixes, but Soleil gets it right, their remixes match or even exceed the quality of some of their original tracks, one remix, in fact, being my favorite track on the entire album.