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  1. New Hell
    by Greet Death
  2. AWE
  3. I Still Feel Cold
  4. Vitriola
    by Cursive
  5. Get Fixed
    by Cursive
  6. Admission
    by Torche
  7. Failed Entertainment
    by FURY
    by Slumped
  9. Paramount
    by Fury
  10. Hit Your Head
  11. Guilty of Everything
    by Nothing
  12. Howl and Filth
    by Generation of Vipers
  13. War Moans
    by Mutoid Man
  14. Tired of Tomorrow (Standard Version)
    by Nothing
  15. Life Without Pain Is a Fucking Fantasy
    by Zombie Apocalypse
  16. Fucko "Social Climber"
    by Midnight Werewolf Records
  17. Every Last Piece
    by Aspiga
  18. Cabana Wear
    by Cabana Wear
  19. Feral Bearings EP
    by Talk Wrong
  20. On Life Support
    by Timeshares
  21. 22 April: Vienna, Austria
    by PJ Bond
  22. Tributaries
    by The Reveling
  23. Al's Moustache 7"
    by Higher Giant
  24. Lilac Daze
    by Lilac Daze
  25. Split
    by Banquets / Mayflower
  26. Hug Your Friends
    by Save Ends
  27. Hey Death
    by Pass Away
  28. This is Our Concern, Dude.
    by Banquets
  29. Where Were You?
    by PJ Bond
  30. Split
    by Nightmares for a Week/Banquets
  31. One For The Good Guys EP
    by Static Radio NJ
  32. Peace of Mind
    by The Color and Sound
  33. Sides
    by In The Pines
  34. Siblings and Sevens
    by Luther
  35. Northcote
    by Northcote
  36. A Book About Bad Luck
    by Save Ends
  37. Rope
    by Scary Stories
  38. My Fangs
    by Hot Knife
  39. Tension & Release
    by Sleep in.
  40. Hot Knife
    by Hot Knife
  41. The Spring Tour EP
    by The Color and Sound
  42. Napalm & Nitrogen
    by Attica! Attica!
  43. Inamorato
    by Rock,Star
  44. Stumbling Distance
    by Great Lakes USA
  45. Born to Make Believe Part 1
    by The Here and Now