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James Biggs

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  1. Birds of America
    by Lake Ruth
  2. Melt
    by Straitjacket Fits
  3. Dream the Currents (EP)
    by Guest Directors
  4. Eclipse
    by Miss Rayon
  5. Oidophon Echorama
    by Gloria
  6. KluB MiX 33!
    by six by seven
  7. KluB MiX 33!
    by six by seven
  8. SIX BY SEVEN [Blood Drips Album]
    by six by seven
  9. Wheels On Wheels On Fire b/w No One Remembers the Game + 3 rare tracks
    by Truly
  10. She's a Believer
    by The Black Heart Death Cult
  11. Slowdive
    by Slowdive
  12. There Is Only Now
    by Secret Shine
  13. Autodrama
    by Puro Instinct
  14. Shoulder Voices (MR-037)
    by Rollerskate Skinny
  15. Joel Gion / Radis Noir split 7"
    by Joel Gion / Radis Noir
  16. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
    by Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
  17. The Asteroid No. 4
    by The Asteroid No. 4
  18. Ignition Slated for Eight
    by The Asteroid No.4
  19. Fall In Line
    by The New Lines
  20. Club Sandwich At The Peveril Hotel
    by six by seven
  21. Artists Cannibals Poets Thieves
    by six by seven
  22. Hindsight Is A Terrible Thing
    by Chris Olley / Six By Seven / Twelve
  23. If Symptoms Persist, Kill Your Doctor
    by six by seven
  24. Love And Peace And Sympathy
    by six by seven
  25. Crap On A Hot Tin Roof
    by Chris Olley
  26. Left Luggage At The Peveril Hotel
    by six by seven
  27. Anything/Mirrors 7"
    by Tender Age
  28. Tender Age “Get High” b/w “Always”
    by Tender Age
  29. ANNE Dream Punx
    by Anne
  30. South Of Sunrise 2015
    by Too Many Voices
  31. Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Live in San Diego
    by The Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale
  32. Rise 7"
    by BLOOM
  33. Hand In Hand
    by Shadowhouse
  34. Summertime Blues
    by The Death Of Six By Seven
  35. true.deep.sleeper EP
    by dead leaf echo
  36. Thought & Language
    by dead leaf echo
  37. All Happening Now (disc three)
    by Adam Franklin
  38. Blue Haze EP
    by Wild Eyes
  39. Lose Your Head
    by Wild Eyes
  40. All Happening Now (disc one)
    by Adam Franklin
  41. All Happening Now (disc two)
    by Adam Franklin
  42. How Brave The Hunted Wolves
    by Golden Gardens