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  1. New England
    by the Bean Pickers Union
  2. David Amram Live in Germany 1954-2013
    by David Amram
  3. Michael Winograd / 4 sittings : 18 songs (PDF sheet music)
    by Michael Winograd
  4. Kelly's Green Christmas
    by Kelly Russell
  5. The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band: Both Ways (The Great Lost 2017 Double-Album!)
    by The Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Band
  6. Deep In The Lab, Vol. 1
    by J.J. Swinn
  7. Baby Eagle
    by Matthew Hender
  8. The Triumph of Assimilation
    by Mark Rubin, Jew of Oklahoma
  9. Fluss
    by Son of Buzzi
  10. Michael Winograd Plays by Himself (and so can you)
    by Michael Winograd
  11. A Year Of February
    by Patrick Canning
  12. Abstracts and Anthems
    by Cara Lee Coleman
  13. Baby States
    by Baby States
  14. Guitar Rags & Country Ballads
    by Mike T. Kerr
  15. Spring Garden Bandstand
    by Mike T. Kerr
    by Michael Winograd
  17. I'm Feeling GOOD!
    by Bing Bang Boys
  18. The Snish
    by Ever Lovin' Jug Band
  19. Stone Arch
    by Jake Nicoll
  20. Winnowing
    by Bird City