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  1. May Our Chambers Be Full
    by Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou
  2. Forgotten Days
    by Pallbearer
  3. The Chained The Burned The Wounded
    by Occult Hand Order
  4. Molt
  5. Enlightened In Eternity
    by Spirit Adrift
  6. M.A.P.
    by SautruS
    Rose Rose
    Sautrus is my favorite band. I still remember the magical butterflies I felt while hearing Anthony Hill for the first time. After 30 seconds of listening I bought it. That was in 2017, and now I have only grown to love them more. The passion, the talent, the wide-eyed warrior energy. When I am dead, my family could use that record to summon me. After hearing Lady in Green, I knew M.A.P would surpass it, for me. Baquar resonates with my soul. I too have missed seeing my totem animal flying high.
  7. Good Mourning
    by The Goners
  8. Ring of Fire
    by Frayle
  9. The White Witch EP
    by Frayle
  10. Salo
    by Circle of Sighs
  11. Unicorn Magic/Segue-03
    by Circle of Sighs
  12. Desolate
    by Circle of Sighs
  13. The Man Machine [Kraftwerk cover]
    by Circle of Sighs
  14. Burden of the Flesh
    by Circle of Sighs
  15. Kukeri
    by Circle of Sighs
  16. Illusions Under the Sun
    by Black Moon Mother
  17. Ursa Minor EP
    by Coma Wall
    by King Witch
  19. Reverie
    by Forming the Void
  20. Self-Surgery
    by Mrs. Piss