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  1. The Nothing
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  2. 1877
    by The Hopewell Furnace
  3. Diabolos
    by Plaguebringer
  4. Misanthropic Sedition
    by Unendlich
  5. Thanatophobia
    by Unendlich
  6. Oxygen Thief
    by The Donner Party
  8. Absolution
    by Solipsis
  9. Deceptive Dreamscape
    by Dream Void
  10. Sanctimonious
    by Dream Void
  11. Divinization
    by Dream Void
  12. Mask of Pretense
    by Dissentience
  13. Of Sorrow And Human Dust
    by Hatalom
  14. Riparian
    by Riparian
  15. Effigies
    by Zac Leaser
    An amazing work of technical death metal brutality. From front to back this Ep will just kick your ass and leave you wanting more. Thanks to the artist for unleashing this on the world.
  16. Trust
    by Moon Tooth
  17. Desperate Shadow
  18. Ov Lustra
    by Ov Lustra
  19. The Quantum Transcendence of Death
    by Nebulous
  20. We Are The Darkness
    by Nyctophile
  21. Horrid Dominion
    by Winds of Leng
  22. The Eldritch Realm
    by Parius
  23. Firewalker
    by Andhera
  24. War On!
    by 3:33