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Brian McWilliams

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  1. Laniakea
    by Atomine Elektrine
    Centaurus Centaurus
  2. Structural Tendency VII - XI
    by Super Fata
    Structural Tendency VIII - The Burning Giraffe Structural Tendency VIII - The Burning Giraffe
  3. The Petrified Forest [6 track mini-album]
    by Biosphere
    Drifter Drifter
  4. Ephemeral blue
    by AGLAIA
    Empty nights Empty nights
  5. Painting In The Dark
    by Steve Roach
    Threshold Threshold
    If you're like me, every once in a while you land on a Steve Roach release that pushes all the right buttons. There's a lot of variation here in these six songs and a cohesion that holds it all together as well. Each song presents a different mood, relying on long, swelling masses of sound that seem to hang in a warm dense fog. The mastering here is top notch too - the sense of control and balance augments each track perfectly. Love the cover art on this one! Highly recommended!
  6. Leaves & Thunderstorms
    by AGLAIA
    Leaves & thunderstorms Leaves & thunderstorms
    I've previewed almost all the Aglaia releases here and have purchased a handful. Leaves and Waves is uniformly excellent and stands above the rest in my mind. Aglaia seems to excel at setting a mood with organic sound and going with it. Here, all the songs, mood, and sound choices are excellent. I wish they'd share their methods with us. If you haven't guessed, this is my favorite from their catalog.
  7. Florealia nocturna
    by AGLAIA
    Silene nocturna Silene nocturna
  8. Obscured By Beams Of Sorrow
    by Hakobune & Dirk Serries
    the slow movement of thought the slow movement of thought
    Drifting, textured and melancholy. A lovely collection of songs and sounds. One of the best ambient releases of 2015.
  9. Seven Variations for a Moving Picture
    by Joseph Minadeo
    Seven Variations for a Moving Picture Seven Variations for a Moving Picture