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  1. Lethal Protector
    by Mad Conductor
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Central America
    by Mad Conductor
  3. The Ballad of Bob Sheeple
    by The Anti Sheeple Movement
  4. The White Plague
    by Dead Work
  5. We Don't Stand a Chance
    by The Tigermilks
  6. Grey Mare
    by Gnarl
  7. Only the Flies
    by Malevich
  8. They Will Beat Their Swords Into Ploughshares
    by Gelassenheit
    Theological Praxis Theological Praxis
    Very unique unblack album with ecclesiastical organs and very raw-yet-machine clinical metal elements. There is a bit of blackened folk metal/punk crossover thing going on here that I'm kinda into.
  9. Passport
    by Asha Mirr
    by Déhà
  11. The Sacrificial Code
    by Kali Malone
    Rose Wreath Crown (for CW) Rose Wreath Crown (for CW)
    Glad I impulse purchased this! Despite most of the tracks therein being fairly long and minimalist, it does't feel ponderous or glacially slow. Instead this music gently carries the listener along, perhaps drifting by a cold yet inviting coastline. Your mind has total freedom to go wherever you fancy, but why rush to get there? If Kali Malone's portfolio is anything to go by she is clearly a person of immense creativity and talent.
  12. Polaris
    by Native
    cto_224788397 cto_224788397
    Tentative and woozy sounding beats, bass and ambient sounds result in what I can only describe as a grime producers own iteration of a Silent Hill soundtrack. Spooky and enthralling.
  13. Intersex
    by Heatsick
    Von Anderen Ufe Von Anderen Ufe
    In my humble opinion, probably one of the best records on PAN ACT's roster. Four tracks of wibbly-wobbly musica-metafisica that are as temple-tappingly sublime as they are boldly unapologetically silly.
  14. Allegory of Allergies
    by Emeralds
    Mistakes Mistakes
    I'm overjoyed to hear this album again! Back when I used to collect vinyl, I brought this on a whim at Birmingham's Supersonic festival, being drawn to the abstract yet oddly construable face staring back at me on the cover. Whatever negativity I might of been feeling on any given day could usually be alleviated by giving this criminally underrated record a turn. Please don't overlook this one, ambient fans.
  15. Yeanoh (Powe'hande Binga'dbe) (Cervo Edit)
    by Kondi Band
    by EarthOmen
  17. Passive Offensive
    by Tripped
    Grabbers (Touch It) Grabbers (Touch It)
    This is gabber, but not the unsubtle cut n' paste kind I grew up with. This stuff is deeper, and dare I say a great deal more atmospheric and well composed than it's genuinely old school forebears. I'm impressed by how sullen and paranoid the overall tone of this record is, given gabber's obvious exaggeratedly techno elements. Not bad!
  18. Amorphous Mass
    by Sepolcro
    An Ancient Summoning An Ancient Summoning
    Nice ritualistic quality to this one, clearly made by somber and sincere devotees of death metal.
  19. Slide
    by Zikomo
  20. Northern Cuts
    by Aahan
    It Had Arms It Had Arms
    Took me a few spins for these three tracks to really embed themselves into my brain wrinkles, but I'm glad they've wormed their way in. I love the undulating distortion that accompanies these 4x4 beats.