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Ben Harris

  1. Tamworth, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Songs From a Dead England
    by This Is The Bridge
    Northern Line Northern Line
    Synth pop steeped in that distinctly English between-state of grim despair and sanguine bliss.
  2. Spellbound Mire
    by Spellbound Mire
  3. SODP118: Lauxnos - Crushed By Waves (2019)
    by Symbol Of Domination Prod.
  4. SODP073: Aeonless - Aeonless (2016)
    by Symbol Of Domination Prod.
  5. SAT142: Bestial Deform - ...Ad Leones (2016)
    by Satanath Records
    Symbol Of Salvation Symbol Of Salvation
    Very Blood Red Throne-ish. Nothing that's going to reinvent the wheel, by any means, but absolutely gnarly stuff for when you're in that particular mood when only guttural yet technically accomplished death metal will do.
  6. SAT083: Sacred Sin - Darkside [re-release] (2014)
    by Satanath Records
  7. flowers can rot
    by small mistake
  8. The Realest
    by nøsq
  9. Helios
    by SIGKILL
  10. Caracara
    by STATX & Long Tongue
  11. Vile and Loathsome Discord
    by Tharagavverug
  12. Thin is the Veil Betwixt Man and the Godless Deep
    by Tharagavverug
  13. RAT-071 - Nokikotka - Phlegm Deathtrip
  14. RAT-065 - Xurganuuth - Bestial Catastrophe of Abysmal Death
  15. RAT-048 - Convulsive - The Grotesquery Ruins of Death
  16. Le Loup des Ruines
    by Miséricorde
    Demeurait un Seigneur Demeurait un Seigneur
    I was unwittingly confronted with this masterpiece whilst browsing obscure UGBM on YouTube, and I've fallen irretrievably under it's malevolent spell ever since. The ambient sections feel utterly seamless with the tellurian quality of of the more traditionally metal elements. Terrifying and majestic in equal measure.
  17. The Old Way
    by Cultellus
    VI VI
    This is an interesting one! There are times when the chiming guitars and overall melodious quality of the music puts this into post-BM territory, sounding surprisingly reminiscent of Converge in the parts without the stately and faintly martial percussion. But there's also a dusty decrepitness beneath the opulence of this song-writing that feels almost folksy. Don't do yourself a disservice by overlooking this strangely faceted gem.
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  18. For U
    by Aice room
    Too cute :3 Future bass this sugary-sweet should be illegal!
  19. Paiste
    by Abdul Raeva̷
    Has an old skool PS1 racing game soundtrack vibe that swivels my sockets.
  20. Respiratory Depression (single)
    by Rose with Teeth
    Man, the message of this hits hard. The three different languages spoken only serves to undermine how universal of an existential mass crisis the state of mental health is. The uneasy and skittish anthem for anyone painfully aware that the systems that exist to "help" you will do nothing of the sort, but also the added arbitrary pressure from everyone else expecting you to permanently act as if everything is okay all the time.