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    by KLOUD
  2. Over The Top
    by TWRP
  3. vue
    by xyce
  4. Take On Me Too
    by Siamese Youth
  5. Creaks (Original Soundtrack)
    by Hidden Orchestra
  6. Kikuo Miku 6
    by Kikuo
  7. pop
    by xyce
  8. Korpi EP
    by drS
    Kayo After Dark Kayo After Dark
    Hypnotising album. A pure gem. Perfect while coding away on my laptop.
  9. The Music of Sound
    by melodysheep
    Making Waves Making Waves
    This album is a pure eargasm.
  10. Cloud Highway
    by Tonebox
    Missing Missing
    Tonebox is one of my favourites. Especially 'Missing' gives me serious melancholic vibes.
  11. Singularity
    She Only Exists in Screens She Only Exists in Screens
    This album comes with a dark tone of synthwave and merges with 8bit-esque elements. It transports me into the world of blade runner.
  12. Return to Wherever
    by TWRP
    Hidden Potential Hidden Potential
    Combining Daft Punk, 70s and story telling - TWRP is better than ever.
  13. Droplets of Water
    by Xerxes
    Break (Xerxes Remix) Break (Xerxes Remix)
    Similar to Bluetech, this album surprises with fresh electronic tunes. Especially on my Momentum headphones this stuff is highly addictive!
  14. Sci-Fi Lullabies
    by Bluetech
  15. Biosphere
    by Andy Pickford
  16. Trappist
    by Furia, GrooveANDyes, Miguel Ante, Wo-Core & Ioan Gamboa
    Trappist (Ioan Gamboa remix) Trappist (Ioan Gamboa remix)
    These remixes are insane! Listen to it while watching a sunset. Goosebumps.
  17. Khapak yan
    by Zairi Torrez, Miguel Ante
  18. Hoag
    by Furia
  19. Distante
    by Miguel Ante, Furia
  20. Under the Matrix EP
    by Alienatic - Digital Om Productions
    Matrix Matrix
    This is a pure Bandcamp gem. I found Alienatic by accident and I am happy I did.

    Under the Matrix is such a good track, especially while coding.