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Lonnie Bishop

  1. Westchester, Illinois
  2. R&B/Soul
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  1. The Battle feat. Jarrod Lawson & Farnell Newton
    by Tyrone Hendrix
  2. Weightless
    by Teotima
  3. Butterflying
    by Tommaso Cappellato
  4. Motions & Methods
    by Efajemue
  5. Thina
    by Seba Kaapstad
  6. Revolution
    by Daniel Crawford
  7. Fourth Kind
    by Fourth Kind
  8. Movement EP
    by Kaidi Tatham presents 12 Senses
  9. This Is That
    by T.R.A.C.
  10. Equinox EP
    by ProjectKarnak
  11. Be Glad You Create Anything
    by K15
  12. Reverie EP
    by Max Bryk
  13. Ariya
    by Scott Xylo feat. Afronaut Zu, Catherine Sera, Marcus Joseph
  14. No More
    by Amber Navran, Michael Mayo
  15. Phoenix
    by Javier Santiago
  16. It's A World Before You
    by Kaidi Tatham
  17. When...
    by Soulpersona & Princess Freesia
  18. Love You [Ft. Erin O'Neill + Waine]
    by Efajemue
  19. Recreate (Deluxe)
    by Tawiah
  20. An Extra Offering
    by Darkhouse Family
  21. Days Past
    by The Peter Franks Group
  22. The Midnight Hour
    by The Midnight Hour
  23. Black Cloud EP
    by Kodäma
  24. The Return
    by Kamaal Williams
  25. The Offering
    by Darkhouse Family
  26. Evolution
    by Menagerie
  27. Heaven & Earth
    by Khari Cabral & Jiva
  28. Edgewood
    by Edgewood Agents
  29. STELLARSONIC! (The Totem Digital Deluxe Edition)
    by Princess Freesia
  30. NeMui vol.1
    by Technoir
  31. Stoneage EP
    by Pablo Queu
  32. Waking Astronomer
    by Waking Astronomer
    by BIGYUKI
  34. L U X U R Y
    by Alex Isley
  35. Spirit Reflection
    by Gaby Hernandez
  36. Bashiri Asad Presents: The Gil Suite
    by Bashiri Asad
    by Ahmed Sirour
  38. Day Dreamer
    by Jesse Fischer
  39. Muriel
    by Sean Khan
  40. Wondem
    by Dexter Story
  41. Better Days
    by Raquel Rodriguez
  42. Pride
  43. Rough Sketches
    by Warren Xclnce & Reiss G
  44. Fast Forward (Deluxe Edition)
    by Soulpersona & Princess Freesia
  45. The Freedom of Expression
    by Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle