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a. bird

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  2. Punk
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  1. sorry/thanks/sorry
    by Dog Legs
  2. Dog Legs - Awkward EP
    by Dog Legs
  3. Native Tongue EP
    by lilithai
    Be my valentine Be my valentine
  4. Riot EP Deluxe
    by lilithai
  5. Bare Radical EP
    by lilithai
  6. Could It Be Different?
    by The Spook School
  7. Here We Go / Cameraman
    by The Spook School
  8. History/Hallam
    by The Spook School
  9. Kings and Queens
    by Jesus and his Judgemental Father 2010-2018
  10. Kings and Queens
    by Jesus and his Judgemental Father 2010-2018
  11. Bellyache
    by Bellyache
    by G.L.O.S.S.
  13. Territorealities
    by Screaming Toenail
  14. Take Up Arms
    by Momma Swift
  15. Brains of Britain
    by Ste McCabe
  16. Anaesthesiology
    by Onsind
  17. Dross EP
    by Tuff Love
  18. Courting Strong
    by Martha
  19. Muck
    by CBMC
  20. milo the dog sees color
    by CBMC
  21. Face Ache
    by No Ditching
  22. Dear Granny
    by The Great Bear
  23. Outdoor Activities
    by CBMC
  24. Amy Locust Whatever
    by CBMC
  25. time to move on
    by The Tuts
  26. S/T EP 2012
    by The Tuts
  27. Worry Warrior
    by The Tuts
  28. Tut Tut Tut
    by The Tuts
  29. Why Is Social Anxiety Ruining My Life and Why Am I Drinking So Much Beer?
    by Seth Corbin
  30. Brains of Britain
    by Ste McCabe
  31. Ghost World
    by The Creeping Ivies
  32. Sycamore
    by Martha
  33. I Know Why The Caged Grrrl Sings (Compilation) - V/A
    by Tuff Enuff Records
  34. Weapons of Construction
    by Stickshift Recordings
  35. Heart is Home EP
    by Freaky Pup
  36. A Good Man is Hard to Find
    by FAGGOT
  37. i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body
    by teen suicide
  38. whatever mom!!!
    by quiet sounds
  39. Still Water
    by Told Slant
  40. Martha
    by Martha
  41. Mark My Words
    by Grace Petrie
  42. Demos
    by Big Joanie
  43. Love Is My Rebellion
    by Grace Petrie & The Benefits Culture
  44. Observatory Mansions
    by Nicole Dollanganger
  45. 236 Days
    by lentils and dirt / skylark