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  1. Salome
    by Marriages
  2. Firefable
    by Dancing Sun
    This may seem vain, but of all people especially me has fallen in love with Dancing Sun!
    Sounds like my favourite beach in Crete, like labyrinths, windsurfing & Firebirdgeist
    Can't wait their second album!
  3. Heart Tales
    by Dancing Sun
  4. Despicable
    by Carcass
  5. nūmūn
    by Johanna Warren
  6. Great Escape
    by Crippled Black Phoenix
    What a trip! Pure, rough, divergent, xxxl-longplay-roadmovie!
  7. Tales from the Thousand Lakes / Black Winter Day
    by Amorphis
  8. Ripple Trail
    by Old Smile
  9. Reversible Prime
    by Old Smile
  10. The Great British Psychedelic Trip Revisited (AL031)
    by The Active Listener
  11. Separation Anxiety
    by Snooze
    While you surf acappella choir waves dance to a well-functioning clockwork. Paah! "Snooze", it's called - you'll make jumpin' jacks with a smile upon your face, when you hear that kind of world welcoming alarm. And the oscar of the "tightest band" goes to: Snooze!
    by KEOR
  13. Still
    by Snooze
    Clockwork Snooze! Tight Snooze folks! Obvious --- they're named after an alarm-function...
  14. i
    by MMOSS
    Check the 2012 album out -
    wonderful production with audio booklike inner eye sceneries! is not available for purchasing -
    Imagine you had more followers than Slayer on bandcamp and deny your forthcoming album to be available for buying...
    What a statement!
  15. The Fold
    by John Richardson
    Sunday morning...
  16. The Trial of the King
    by Chromatic Aberration
    Gold chest of the day!
  17. The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze
    by MANTAR
    Mantar - I'm in the mood for love... Do you remember? You & me listening to Edge of Sanity's "Song of Sirens" at their legendary romantic campfire "Purgatory Afterglow"? What a ride!
  18. Glued
    by Old Smile
  19. Day Of Light
    by Constantine
  20. Fat Bird Don't Fly
    by TARE
    This motherfucker likes to underestimate himself.