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  1. N.O.A.H
    by Quentin Ahmad DaGod
  2. Jima
    by Celer
  3. New Day With New Possibilities
    by Sonny & The Sunsets
  4. Being Close
    by Little Star
  5. Mochi Planets
    by Gyoza District
    Ramen Shinrin Ramen Shinrin
    Top notch ambient
  6. The Singles Plus 1983-1985
    by Skeletal Family
  7. Sweet Heavenly Angel Of Death (Expanded Edition)
    by Magic Arrows
    Nobody Is Going To Tell You These Things Nobody Is Going To Tell You These Things
    Slowly digging into the label i, absentee's releases and finding some synth based ambient gems like this tape by Magic Arrows.

    This label single handedly got me to buy a cassette deck haha. (The label is disbanding, so I would scoop up the cassettes while you still can)
  8. Uneven
    by De Lux
    These two have some serious chemistry together and wield it to create incredibly infectious grooves. They could just leave it at that, but they also somehow manage to write emotionally charged songs with inspired lyrics. Rarely does dance music come with so much sense of purpose. Eagerly awaiting the next LP.
  9. Dope Game Stupid
    by Bruiser Wolf
    Chess Move$ (prod. Raphy) Chess Move$ (prod. Raphy)
    Bitch I'm drugs!

    First heard some of these tracks on Danny Brown's Twitch stream (yes, he streams..), was worried I would never hear the final product but it's here! Already calling this my hip hop album of the year.

    Can't wait for the vinyl release! (just trust me, it's coming)

  10. TV62
    by Bruiser Brigade Records
    The Dopest In The Building (prod. Gulley) The Dopest In The Building (prod. Gulley)
    Stoked to get some more Bruiser Wolf cuts right after the release of Dope Game Stupid, which I've still got on repeat.

    Great beats on here by a handful of producers d but have to call out Raphy for his consistency and unmistakable signature sound all over these Bruiser Brigade releases.

    Ultimately Danny Brown is the real hero here, using his leverage to raise up all this Detroit talent. Says a lot about him as a person.
  11. heaven is an infinite cigarette
    by normal state
  12. Mutual Excitement Is A Wonderful Thing EP
    by Laurence Guy
    Mutual Excitement is a Wonderful Thing Mutual Excitement is a Wonderful Thing
  13. Chrome Steel Tiger [HNR54]
    Firefly Firefly
    Shamefully underrated, or just plain unknown. Zackey Force Funk will get the party started, no doubt.
  14. Real Love EP
    by Fidde
  15. Nasty Audibles
    by Dorosoto
  16. Amber Fade EP
    by Tom Vernon
    Late Nights Late Nights
  17. Death Certificate
    by Various Artists
  18. Signalling The Stars
    by Lunar Testing Lab
  19. You Are Not Safe Here
    by Huron
  20. Summer Melt EP
    by Duderino