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  1. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
    My God - is there no limit to their brilliance?!

    Somehow they manage to reinvent themselves with every album, giving each release a distinct feel without losing their identity. This is shaping up to be yet another phenomenal piece of art.

    Speaking of art: The artwork is really lovely as well :)

    FFO: Gorguts, Ad Nauseam, Sunless, Nero di Marte
  2. Urraca
    by Sunless
    Wishes Fallen on Deafened Ears Wishes Fallen on Deafened Ears
    Unique atmosphere, crystal clear production and a really great sense of flow help this album stand out. The song-writing is top-notch!

    Very, very enjoyable!
  3. Oblivion