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  1. Chicago, Illinois
  2. Jazz
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  1. PlaySPACE
    by Chris Greene Quartet
    Thunder Snow Thunder Snow
  2. Tactile Ground
    by Robert Rich
    The Sentience of Touch The Sentience of Touch
  3. Lockbox Babies Vol.1 (solo acoustic)
    by pat mAcdonald
    Deep In My Heart Deep In My Heart
    This collection is as intimate and direct as guitar and voice can be. The performances come from the heart. The words are real, honest, sincere. If these tunes are misfits, I've found some new, old friends....
  4. g.e. stinson ghost aggregate
    by g.e. stinson ghost aggregate
    chapeau déluge chapeau déluge
    ...this music hurts my a good way
  5. Quiet Moon
    by Bill Douglas
    Angelico Angelico
    Bill's playing on this recording is full of heart. Far from being just about feeling, the compositions offer interesting twists which take the listener on a journey. I enjoy this collection immensely.
  6. Gathering Autumn
    by The Winterhouse
    Secluded Vale Secluded Vale
  7. fall from heaven
    by g.e. stinson
    fall from heaven fall from heaven
  8. masters of the abstract (an homage)
    by g.e.stinson
    he talked with the spirits (for rahsaan roland kirk) he talked with the spirits (for rahsaan roland kirk)
    This recording displays its inspirations vividly, yet is filled with originality in composition, performance and improvisation. One discovers new layers of sound...and thought...upon each listen.
  9. diminutive collisions
    by g.e. stinson elastic squad
    return designate return designate
  10. The Nagual Sessions
    by James Shain
    The Gods Warned Us The Gods Warned Us
    This recording is a go-to when wanting to go on a journey to slow the mind and take in peace. The soundscapes are dense with rich layers of ambient tones that bathe one in beautiful atmospheres...
  11. Boundary Issues
    by Chris Greene Quartet
    Blues for Dr. Fear Blues for Dr. Fear
    This recording showcases the originality and interplay between the group members in a joyous way. The compositions are interesting and challenging, allowing for unique improvisations that inspire the listener. The recording itself is direct and immediate, as if one was in the room with the band.
  12. Music Appreciation
    by Chris Greene Quartet
    Papuera Papuera