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  1. Colours
    by VASA
    Cynthia Cynthia
    This album is such an intense and FUN experience. All I can think of so far is how well this colourful and frenzied painting on the cover matches the music. My favorite tracks on here are "Not a cop", "Smashletes" and especially "Cynthia" wich carries me all the way with its smart and efficient retain/release use of energy. My least favorite track being "unpunched".
  2. Heroics
    by VASA
    Settle Settle
    A tighter and perhaps more intense album than "Colours".
    They even sound like a Metal band in a few parts here and there (Everything is golden, Adolescence, Victoria). But don't get me wrong, the general feel is somewhere between Alpha Male Tea Party's "Droids" and... Bloc Party's "Silent Alarm" maybe ? Anyway, VASA still has that melodic quality, sense of dynamics and musicianship that makes them one of the best and original bands out there.
  3. Två Konungabarn (Single)
    by Myrkur
  4. Rise
    by An Dochas
    Open Invitation Open Invitation
  5. Meet the Forest
    by Neko Nine & The Creator Of
    Snowflakes Gone Grey Snowflakes Gone Grey
  6. Only Stories (Let The Cards Fall Revisited)
    by The Breath
  7. Juniper
    by Myrkur
    Bonden og Kragen Bonden og Kragen
  8. EP 3
    by Madam Jesus
  9. Sprag Session
    by Sprag Session
    An Drò An Drò
  10. Burst Open
    by VASA
    Burst Burst
  11. Droids
    by alpha male tea party
  12. Solace (Remastered)
    by Jakob
    Method (Bonus Track) Method (Bonus Track)
  13. El Hilo Rojo
    by Noa Drezner
    Mar de penas (Cancion por Bulerias) Mar de penas (Cancion por Bulerias)
  14. Dragonfly Redux
    by An Dochas
    Pipe Aire Pipe Aire
  15. Astronautica
    by Hidria Spacefolk
    Cycloop Cycloop
  16. Tramp
    by Sharon Van Etten
    Serpents Serpents
  17. DEMO 2013
    by Scottish Octopus
    9/8 Jig 9/8 Jig
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  18. Bienvenida primavera
    by Carolina Bermúdez
    Soñé con vos Soñé con vos
  19. Half A Century Sun
    by The Man From Managra
    You Can Keep Your Winters You Can Keep Your Winters
  20. Seventeen
    by Sharon Van Etten