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  1. I Never Thought I'll Be A Junkie
    by Dazed Sun Lemonade
    Dazed Sun Lemonade - Mr. Lemonade Dazed Sun Lemonade - Mr. Lemonade
    You can never have too much lemonade .
  2. Lucy
    by Förr
    Tydligen Tydligen
    Another great release .. just fantastic across all tracks . Somebody sign these Swedes please !
  3. Förrsta
    by Förr
    Drömmar från igår Drömmar från igår
    This absolutely rips from start to finish . Excellent driving melodic heavy rock .
  4. Broken Life
    by Ice Dragon
    Life Means Nothing, Death Means Nothing Life Means Nothing, Death Means Nothing
    Great tunes and great Ozzy esque vocals .
  5. Pathfinder EP
    by Dead Otter
    Pathfinder Pathfinder
    If I ever find my way to Glasgow, it will be a dozen pints and Dead Otters for me .
  6. Blackdust
    by Blackdust
    Galaxy Dust Galaxy Dust
    Heavy stoner blues from Brazil. Soulful vocals and nice tight songs with a bit of a pop lean but still heavy.
  7. Punto Azul Pálido
    by Sagan
    Akira Akira
    Heavy , and it grooves .
  8. Folk Magic
    by Wavelength
    Between places Between places
    Let's just be honest .. the album art is all kinds of groovy. Incredibly huge poster please ? Mystical folksy doom EP. If this is just for fun and not too serious as the band states, I would sure love to hear some serious.
  9. Limestone Whale EP
    by Limestone Whale
    Magic Water Magic Water
    I sense some great future releases from these Germans
  10. The Haunting
    by Desert Suns
    Atmospheric doom rock ? Hell I don't know.. but I like it !
  11. BABYLON (demos)
    by Babylon- Band
    Nice 3 song acidy rock demo .
  12. Through the Devil's Doorway
    by Orchid
    Eastern Woman Eastern Woman
    Could have easily crossed over to a metal release but expertly drives right up to the line and parks itself in a heavy hard rock space. For a band this polished and skilled, either one would have been fine. Super solid release.
  13. The Enchanter's Ball
    by Doomed & Stoned
    Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath) Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath)
    So diverse across all the tracks. What a great way to get turned on to a bunch of excellent female fronted heavy rock and doom bands .
  14. That Seventies Compilation
    by Doomed & Stoned
    Flesh Flesh
    Normally impossible to pick a favorite on a doomed and stoned compilation , but damn ! The Old Blood track and that chicks vocals absolutely steal the show. Mesmerizing.
  15. Doomed & Stoned in Canada
    by Doomed & Stoned
    Green Leaf Hag Green Leaf Hag
    Take off to the great white north , eh? Hoser.
    Definitely better than a back bacon sandwich. Beauty.
  16. El Ritual
    by Dazed Sun Lemonade
    Dazed Sun Lemonade - Mama Was High (Live) Dazed Sun Lemonade - Mama Was High (Live)
    I have to admit I do miss the vocals a bit on this release as I loved them on the other two lemonade offerings. The musicianship is so solid again . Anything these guys do in the future is an immediate buy for me .
  17. Making The Scene
    by Dazed Sun Lemonade
    - Dazed Sun Lemonade - Woman... - Dazed Sun Lemonade - Woman...
    Somebody dropped a vial of something really good in this pitcher of lemonade. Four excellent extended tracks of slow to mid paced heavy psychedelic rock. Most notable to me are the vocals which I love , and just how tight and polished they sound as a unit . And man, " Woman" is so so good.

  18. Dazed Sun Lemonade - Head Blues (Bonus Track)
    by Dazed Sun Lemonade
    This gives Woman a run for it's money as my favorite song by these guys . Love the vocals and the laid back pace on this track. This is musicianTRIP ! Continued support for this band ... they are the real deal.
  19. Gypsy House
    into the broken seas again into the broken seas again
    Japanese psychedelia that starts really strong and just keeps coming . Good mixture of hard psyche and elements of retro acidy pop. Felt like I got a Wake of the Flood era Dead vibe from the second to last track which was really cool. Loving this one