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  1. Kill The Opposition
    by Doppelaxt
    My Journey Toward Idealism My Journey Toward Idealism
  2. SAT294: From The Vastland - The Haft Khan (2020)
    by Satanath Records
    Khan e Sevom Khan e Sevom
  3. Oskoreien
    by Oskoreien
    Entropic Collapse Entropic Collapse
    Absolutely love this project. A truly rich and unique sonic experience that stands in the highest echelons of contemporary atmospheric black metal
  4. All Too Human
    by Oskoreien
    Green & Maroon Green & Maroon
    A powerful, unapologetic insight into the human condition that is guaranteed to stop you in your tracks. The transition in Green and Maroon evokes something very real...
  5. Oskoreien / Botanist: Deterministic Chaos / Green Metal
    by Oskoreien
  6. Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer
    by Oskoreien
  7. Là où les eaux se séparent
    by Boréalys
    Là Où les eaux se séparent Là Où les eaux se séparent
    Absolutely majestic. This has all the ingredients of a sublime black metal project - rich composition, powerful imagery and a unique sound that I can't stop listening to. Would love to hear more from Borealys
  8. Two Centuries of Silence
    by اکوان (Akvan)
    آپرانیک / Apranik آپرانیک / Apranik
    Akvan vividly brings to life stories from the Persian Epic of Kings- encapsulating the proud persian culture in a dynamic sonic onslaught. More please!
  9. Forgotten Glory
    by اکوان (Akvan)
    شاه شاهان‎ / King ov Kings شاه شاهان‎ / King ov Kings
    Khaste Nabashi Dadash Akvan!

    I never thought black metal is what would spark my personal exploration of my Persian heritage and it's beautiful and rich ancient culture.

    Forgotten Glory is a truly unique and groundbreaking project. It masterfully incorporates traditional Persian composition with black metal - making it seem as though it was a natural evolution.