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  1. The Beauty of Reason
    by Astomatous
    The Prophecy Is Forgotten The Prophecy Is Forgotten
    Death metal done right. McMaster, Weinstein, and their bevy of talented guitarists really knocked it out of the park.
  2. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius
    by Abyssal
    Created Sick; Commanded to be Well Created Sick; Commanded to be Well
  3. Denouement
    by Abyssal
    Detritivore Detritivore
  4. Pearl and the End of Days
    by Grayceon
    Pearl Pearl
  5. Possession
    by Christian Mistress
    Haunted Hunted Haunted Hunted
    The best metal album of 2012.
  6. Bloodlands
    by Ash Borer
  7. Sisters of the Wyrd (KR-13)
    by Grey
    Taker Of Souls Taker Of Souls
    Doom metal done right. The instruments come together with the vicious vocals to create something much greater.
  8. Vortex
    by The Howling Wind
    Alignment Of Celestial Bodies Alignment Of Celestial Bodies
    Let there be riffs.
  9. You Are the Moon, I Am the Night
    by Owl
  10. Godless
    In Harm's Way In Harm's Way
  11. Amer
    by Fuck The Facts
  12. Nations To Flames
    by A Storm Of Light
    Disintegrate Disintegrate
  13. Paramnesia
    by Altars
    Khaz'neh Khaz'neh
  14. Tempest
    by Lycus
    Coma Burn Coma Burn
  15. Babylon Whore
    by Lord Impaler
    Babylon Whore Babylon Whore
  16. Nykta
    by ZEMIAL
    Under Scythian Command Under Scythian Command
  17. Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
    by Inquisition
    Joined by Dark Matter Repelled by Dark Energy Joined by Dark Matter Repelled by Dark Energy
  18. Aokigahara Jukai
    by Thrall
    Slaves Slaves
  19. Antinumerology
    by Mitochondrion
    Insummation Insummation
  20. Hierophanies
    by Eschatos
    Crusaders of Sodom Crusaders of Sodom