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  2. Metal
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  1. White Knuckles to the Wheel... Foot to the Floor
    by Luck of the Draw
  2. Power Fetish
    by Thulsa Doom
  3. Discography 1994-2000
    by code 13
  4. Rudimentary Peni
    by Rudimentary Peni
  5. DISCOGRAPHY 2015-2020 [NTR 188]
  6. Mirror of Souls
    by Theocracy
    I'm so grateful that their are individuals out their called to bring glory to God through this music. So wonderfully created. I can't wait til I have a car I can blast it in. For now it'll just be through my phone and buds. 🤟
  7. Toncho Pilatos ST/ (Hippie Psychedelic Rock Mexico '73)
    by Toncho Pilatos
    Kukulkán Kukulkán
    Órale es firme!
  8. 420
    by WEEDIAN
  9. GLöD
    by GLöD
  10. Dusty
    by Exbeat
  11. Fleas and Lice + Hiatus - Live in Brno 1993
    by Fleas and Lice + Hiatus
  12. Propaganda The Album
    by Civil Defense
  13. In Spirit And In Truth
    by Be Not Betrayed
  14. Enemy of the Sun
    by Neurosis
  15. Souls at Zero
    by Neurosis
  16. Our Savior's Alive
    by David Isaac Rivers
  17. Blessed Are The Dead / Die Daily Ep
    by Die Daily
  18. 100 Philistine Foreskins / Preacher Split
    by 100 Philistine Foreskins / Preacher
  19. Cuphead - Original Soundtrack
    by Kristofer Maddigan
    Railroad Wrath Railroad Wrath
    I knew nothing of the game, or upcoming Netflix show. But as a long time Cab Calloway fan, I saw this and thought they've gotta be characters from some 30's cartoon, so I listened and I was impressed, then I began reading all the information so fantastically laid out and I was pleasantly shocked. Wonderful work, now I gotta go give the show a shot.
  20. No Purchase Necessary Ep
    by No Purchase Necessary