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Biff Johnson and Shelley Andrews

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  1. 2020 | Label Compilation
    by A Strangely Isolated Place
  2. Neurogenesis
    by Robert Rich
  3. Nascentes
    by Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal
    This is a mindblower!!!!!!Incredible music and performance.This will get everybody up and moving.This brought tears to my eyes. Real music to recover from the world's horror. Sell a million of this around the world!!!
  4. Elements
    by Ishqamatics
    Bound To Earth Bound To Earth
  5. Autumn Of Communion 3.9
    by Autumn Of Communion
  6. Old Dreams and Memories
    by Yagya
    Mountain Story Mountain Story
    Yagya has found his sound.
  7. satosphere sessions [transmission III]
    by cv313
    satosphere sessions [remnant II] satosphere sessions [remnant II]
    This is worth the wait!!!!!!! Start moving to the groove and float away. Remnant 2 is brilliant in all aspects of modern electronic music.Powerful and strong .
  8. Nascentes
    by Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal
  9. Trance Archeology
    by Steve Roach
    Firebreather Firebreather
    Steve gives all of us the truth. The emotional context of his creations have no peers.This is a journey that needs to be taken.The immersion of all things Roach is a treat for the ears and the soul.This is this! Many of Steve's epochs are visited with profound beauty
    and deep vistas are evocative of the journey that Steve has taken.
  10. deep sky network [electric density artifacts]
    by variant
    magnetosphere (electric field) magnetosphere (electric field)
    Amazing and deep!!!!
  11. satosphere sessions [transmission II]
    by cv313
    satosphere sessions [transmission II] satosphere sessions [transmission II]
    Everything is firing on all cylinders.This is the sound of modern creativity.Wonderful journey into all aspects of CV313.Bonus content is fantastic also!This flies like spirits being liberated and thriving.
  12. subtraktive [reprise] remastered + unreleased
    by cv313
    subtraktive [variant etherscape] conversion I subtraktive [variant etherscape] conversion I
    Epic look back at the Subtraktive era.Lots of great soundworlds and grooves to fill your head. This reprise is a great prize!!
  13. Bloom Ascension
    by Steve Roach
    Motivating Factor Motivating Factor
    This is the sound of universal purpose.The sound of forward thought and living life well.Total movement of beauty that hits the soul in the areas of creation and real spirit. Get on board and get moving !!! A must for the tribe.
  14. POV
    by Miles Richmond, Peter Grenader with Steve Roach
    Point of View Point of View
  15. interpolation tapes [restoration zero]
    by radius
    interpolation tapes [0.3] interpolation tapes [0.3]
    Incredible zone groove soundscapes at the absolute best there are anywhere. This is important in the scheme of things and it begs to continue as long as the galaxy exists.
    A must have for any reason!!!!
  16. Stormur
    by Yagya
    Stormur sex Stormur sex
    This is loads of fun .I've followed Yagya for a while now and his music gets more concise and very locked in with some awesome groove material.All of it is great and no favorite sticks out yet. Play this and get moving and have fun.
  17. Guitar Masters Collection
    by Various Artists
    Antilla featuring Allan Holdsworth & David Hines Antilla featuring Allan Holdsworth & David Hines
    Great sampler of awesome creative modern electric guitar players.
  18. AVA
    by Keosz
    Really nice recording and songs of modern intrigue.This label is not as dark ambient as it seems.Both of Keosz's releases are beautiful deep synth layers that are not harsh or too dark. Highly recommened for fans of Roach,Rich or O'Hearn.The label samplers are amazing also!!!!
  19. Mercurius
    by Steve Roach
    Mercurius Mercurius
    Liminal is an incredible and breathtakingly ultra deep beauty played by Steve in real time. The stacking of poly-tonalities is nothing short of genius and shows how Steve's knack has just gotten better with time.Title track is full of eloquence and conducting us travelers through the times we live in now!!! Like the first sunrise ever!!Truth and beauty abide.The anthem of what seems and what is.
  20. Pedra Do Espia
    by Itiberê Orquestra Familia
    Pedra Do Espia Pedra Do Espia
    A cross between Hermeto,Elllington,and Zappa.Horns,woodwinds,strings,keyboards,percussion and Itibere,s wonderful bass.I am so glad it is finally available world wide.Incredible project!!! I stand back in awe and so will you!!!