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  1. Flaw
    by Iress
    Nest Nest
    I've been waiting for the physical release for a while and had to grab it the morning it came out. An amazing atmospheric album with excellent arrangements and vocals. The vocals are incredible!
    Every song is a purge of your soul. Drowning your emotions as it goes. Just brilliant. Love all the songs but favourite so far has to be Nest but I could choose any.
    by ISON
  3. I want to be there
    by Sadness
  6. Mass Deception
    by Dogshite
  7. The Big Freeze
    by Laura Stevenson
  8. wearetheknow
    by The Know
  9. Frayle - The White Witch EP
    by Frayle
  10. Warnings
    by I Break Horses
    Found this by accident and glad I did. A very chilled vibe throughout the album. A cross between shoegaze, synth and electronic ethereal. That's the closest I can describe it. The vocals really do compliment the album and without the vocals the album wouldn't be what it is.
  11. Tunes 2011 to 2019
    by Burial
  12. Black Aura My Sun
    by Deserta
    I pre-ordered the vinyl based on the song Hide. Money is tight at the moment but had to have this in my collection. If the rest if the album is anything like this then it's going to be a no-brainer. The overall feel and especially the drones on the guitar are perfect. Wonderful shoegaze sound. The vocals are pitched just right to.
  13. The Sound of Young America
    by The Voices
  14. Live From The Bananastand
    by Candace
  15. New Ruins
    by Candace
  16. Ease (Deluxe Edition)
  17. Friends with Feelings
    by Alice Skye
    I could write about this album for days. When it comes to voices there has to be at least a slight quirk and of course it has to be good, for me to invest in a voice/songwriting based artist/album. Alice ticks those boxes. There are some haunting tunes here, some excellent song writing and a voice to match. It's incredible to think that it's *this* good yet you get a feeling she is holding back. I am convinced there is more than what we hear on this album, I think she is capable of full throttle vocals. I liken her style a little to Florence & The Machine in terms of vocal performance and we know where *her* voice can end up. The music is simple but effective and really sets the mood. I love the fact she hasn't gone down the completely pop road, her voice is too good for that. I hope she gets better recognition than what appears to be the case so far. One final note on Australia.. There is a lot of good artists coming out of Australia at the moment. Don't know what they are drinking down there but whatever it is.. I hope they keep drinking it.
  18. Will of the Primordial
    by Grima
  19. s/t
    by Symmetry Lover
    With albums such as this that hurtle along at 100 miles per hour and tear your eardrums to pieces, you do sometimes end up longing for a little peace to overcome the anarchy. Symmetry Lover, unlike other similar bands, do this perfectly. There are elements here that are almost ethereal.. or it certainly feels like it when the storm breaks and calm descends. I find it to be a marker of maturity in a band that doesn't shy away from finding that 'time-out' within their music. This echoes what some doom metal bands are doing when adding blackgaze elements to their music and it's amazing to hear within a punk album. Quite unique with the subtle and sparing way it's done. I even feel they could utilise it more. Symmetry Lover feel like they are a rival to Petrol Girls and whilst both lead their field.. I am feeling Symmetry Lover is perhaps that little more refined in how far along they are in terms of quality. Maybe. Somehow this all feels like the dawn of a new-punk era.
  20. Wasted Energy
    by Press Club
    Get Better Get Better