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Brandt Güstafsøn

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  1. Énouement
    by Prag 83
  2. Cryptology
    by Rosetta Stone
  3. In Flickers
    by Lycia
  4. Eocene
    by Autumn's Grey Solace
  5. Hädanfärden
    by EITR
  6. A Day In The Stark Corner
    by LYCIA
    The Remnants And The Ruins The Remnants And The Ruins
  7. Fragments of Silence
    by Prag 83
    A dream A dream
  8. The First Snow (Single)
    by Lustre
  9. Thulean Mysteries
    by Burzum
  10. The Burning Circle And Then Dust
    by Lycia
    Anywhere But Home Anywhere But Home
  11. Celestial Realms
    by Autumn's Grey Solace
  12. Forest Emptiness
    by Siliniez
  13. Estrella
    by Lycia
    Orion Orion
  14. Anubis
    by The White Swan
    Blood Blood
  15. Wake
    by Lycia
  16. Windumæra
    by Autumn's Grey Solace
  17. Metachthonia
    by Thrawsunblat
    She Who Names the Stars She Who Names the Stars
  18. Roads to the north
    by Panopticon
    Norwegian Nights Norwegian Nights
  19. Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings
    by Thrawsunblat
    Once Fireveined Once Fireveined
  20. Kulo
    by October Falls