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  1. Reforge The Steel [The Instrumentals]
    by Kaine
    Kaine Membership exclusive
  2. Grim Banners
    by Dame Silú de Mordomoire
  3. Silver Moon Slumber (Anima Arctica)
    by Key
  4. Tuhkankantajat (Anima Arctica)
    by Maa
  5. Melancholia
    by Dame Silú de Mordomoire
  6. Elemental
    by Trova de Lid
  7. Seaward
    by Mr Bison
  8. Archonsbane in Bloom
    by Arkheron Thodol
  9. We Are
    by Colour Haze
  10. The Stars Below, The Seas Above
    by Kraken Duumvirate
  11. From the Dying Soil to the Eternal Sea
    by Kraken Duumvirate
  12. The Astroglyphs of the Ritual of Deluge
    by Kraken Duumvirate
  13. Utterly Away
    by Skyborne Reveries
  14. Pristine
    by Morwinyon
  15. Psychopomp
    by Völur
  16. Death Cult
    by Völur
  17. Allt þetta Helvítis Myrkur (Luxus)
    by Katla.
  18. Allt þetta Helvítis Myrkur
    by Katla.
  19. White Dynomite
    by White Dynomite
  20. The Return of The Bearded Brethren
    by Grifter