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  1. Experimental
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  1. The Cartographer
    by Jo Quail
  2. Crone
    by Crown of Asteria
  3. Steady On
    by Annie May Willis
  4. Return
    by Annie May Willis
  5. Kolmar
    by Max de Wardener
  6. Old Wow
    by Sam Lee
  7. Ground Of Its Own
    by Sam Lee
  8. And Spark And Singe
    by Seabuckthorn
  9. Glassforms
    by Bruce Brubaker and Max Cooper
  10. Momentum
    by Rob Lewis
  11. six utilitarian drones of around seven minutes duration
    by mark s. williamson
  12. Spiderman Of The Rings (Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition Including Ultimate Reality)
    by Dan Deacon
  13. From The Sea
    by Jo Quail
  14. Well Groomed (Original Score)
    by Dan Deacon
  15. Mystic Familiar
    by Dan Deacon
  16. Parcel
    by Melanie Velarde
  17. Three Harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics
    by Zeena Parkins
  18. The Golden Hour
    by Marisa Anderson
  19. Music for Succulents
    by Shocking Twist
  20. Disposable Love LP
    by Jenee Halstead