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  1. Tiger Lily
    by Magnolia
  2. Solar System
    by Haruka
  3. Dead Ends
    by Dorian Concept
  4. Butterfly
    by Kei Magnolia
  5. Currents EP
    by covet
  6. Limbo
    by Sal3m
  7. Fucking Easy
    by Sal3m
  8. Walk on Water
    by Sal3m
  9. Amaranthine
    by Sal3m
  10. Love is a Wonderful Lie
    by Sal3m
  11. Chains - EP
    by Clear Stolen
  12. Cognitohazard
    by Anvil Mesa
  13. vainfantasy Ⅱ〜王国暦682年〜
    by dama
  14. Seraphim EP
    by Anvil Mesa
  15. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  16. vainfantasy Ⅰ〜王国暦664年〜
    by dama
  17. useless filmscorings
    by dama
    eloquent lie eloquent lie
    Very beautiful and atmospheric album.I feel that as if playing 90-00's J-RPG.If you like golden age of that, just listen.
  18. Inner Core
    by Masamichi Hata
  19. Galaxy Structure
    by Masamichi Hata
  20. sky contour
    by Nein.Februar
    Petrichor Petrichor
    very atmospheric, nostalgic, and comfortable shoegazing / post rock sound.