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  1. The Worlds That Disappear
    by Anjali Rose
  3. Shadow Works
    by Anjali Rose
  4. Back of the Bus
    by Shaina Shepherd
  5. Color De Trópico Compiled By El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas
    by El Palmas Music
  6. Swim Team
    by christelle bofale
  7. Sen Morimoto
    by Sen Morimoto
  8. Been Around (Since the Old Days)
    by Adra Boo
  9. Delicious Trouble (Album)
    by Fly Moon Royalty
  10. For Better Or Worse
    by Billy Dean Thomas
  11. In No Hurry
    by G.G. Rogers
  12. You Are Not Your Broken Heart
    by Cape Disappointment
  13. Vicious Nonbeliever
    by Mal Devisa
  14. North American EP
    by Bad Saint
  15. The Ugly Ones EP
    by Jeremy Rosen
  16. Operatricks
    by operatricks