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Bernt Sætereng

  1. Levanger, Norway
  2. Metal
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  1. Sanger Fra Auschwitz
    by Katechon
    by Weedpecker
  3. Eye The Tide
    by Spaceslug
  4. Built to Destroy
    by Incite
  5. The Slaughter
    by Incite
  6. Oppression
    by Incite
  7. Up In Hell
    by Incite
  8. All Out War
    by Incite
  9. Refuse to rot
  10. Tyke
    by BongCauldron
  11. Evil Sound Screamers
  12. Tomb of death
    by Feigdarbod
    Children of the light Children of the light
    Favorite: Children of the light. Awesome tune. Love the shrieks, love the melody line, love the drums. This is what black metal is all about. Raw but melodic. Black Mountain Winds as the runner up.
  13. 68 OFO
    by PIST
  14. Divide & Conquer
    by Bokassa
  15. Grandpunks
    by Not Available
  16. Binge
    by BongCauldron
  17. Binge
    by BongCauldron
  18. Fairytale of Perversion
    by Exeloume
  19. Blackbeard
    by Brunt
  20. Takk og farvel; tida er blitt ei annen
  21. Poor Dr. Moreau
    by VAGORA
  22. Agoraphobic (Alternate Cover)
    by VAGORA
  23. Our Summer Is Everyone's Fall
    by VAGORA
  24. #gofuckyourselves
    by Diesel King
  25. Blind Haze - The Bastard EP
    by Blind Haze
  26. Lemanis
    by Spaceslug
  27. Time Travel Dilemma
    by Spaceslug
  28. Altars
    by Kroh
  29. House Of The Dead
    by Ordos
  30. House Of The Dead
    by Ordos
  31. Ordos
    by Ordos
  32. The Cosmic Cornucopia
    by Slugdge
  33. Brutal Gluttonous Beast EP
    by Ten Ton Slug
    by THE MOTH (Ger)
    by THE MOTH (Ger)
  36. Sermons Of The Infidel
    by Countess
  37. Ad Maiorem Sathanae Gloriam
    by Countess
  38. The Return Of The Horned One
    by Countess
  39. Blazing Flames Of War
    by Countess
  40. Holocaust Of The God Believers
    by Countess
  41. Spawn Of Steel
    by Countess
  42. Ancient Lies And Battle Cries
    by Countess
  43. I
    by Slow Green Thing
  44. SLOW GREEN THING - II (Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition)
    by Slow Green Thing
  45. Acid Cattle EP
    by BongCauldron