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  1. Mountain of Memory
    by Emancipator
  2. soon it will be cold enough
    by emancipator
    lionheart lionheart
    Still my favourite album of all time. I can listen to it at any time of the day or night. Lionheart actually shocked me because of how powerful it is, the violin is simply sublime and the track is just so epic. The whole album is incredibly special, so many great tracks. I had to buy it again on here just so that I could always get if I need it. Also, RIP Nujabes who put With Rainy Eyes - what a track - on his Hydeout Collection, without him I would never have found this!
  3. safe in the steep cliffs
    by emancipator
    jet stream jet stream
    What can I say. I'm running out of adjectives to describe just how amazing emancipator's music is. This album is like a journey into your own soul and evokes emotions and thoughts no other music does. I never get bored of it. Jet Stream, Kamakura, All through the Night, Bury them Bones... Siren... the whole damn album is full to the brim of stunning tracks. If you don't already own this you're missing out.
  4. The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman
    by Glen Porter
    Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave Over The Mountains, Through The Jungle, And Into The Cave
    This album blew me away. Absolutely stunned by the tracks Over The Mountains... and Ask Her Nicely... The ominous / eery sounds that start out blend perfectly into powerful melodies and layer upon layer of brilliance in drums/ percussion and samples. I can't stop listening to it. Glen Porter take a bow. Incredible.
  5. Beyond Stolen Notes
    by Stèv
    Kodama No Matsuri Kodama No Matsuri
    This is a truly unique and stunning debut from Stév, definitely a contender for best album of 2015, so many amazing tracks but Lain is Dreaming and Kodama No Matsuri made my jaw drop. Incredibly intricate yet simple, refreshing and uplifting album. Can't wait for more from Stév!
  6. Dusk to Dawn
    by emancipator
    Minor Cause Minor Cause
    One of my favourite albums of all time. I still can't get enough of it. Incredible composition, layering, melody and soul shining inspirational music. Minor cause and the title track were on repeat for days. Words really don't do justice. To say I was and still am blown away is an understatement. Epic. Sublime. Serene. Beautiful.
  7. KINGS
    by Frameworks
    Kings Kings
    This album is absolutely amazing. So uplifting and chilled, complex and subtle, harmonious and powerful. I've had it on repeat since it came out and literally can't get enough of the title track. Not to mention Titles, Save it All and All Day. Epic album, perfect summer road trip soundtrack music!
  8. Baralku
    by emancipator
    Pancakes Pancakes
    Yet another incredible album from my favourite producer. Feels more like his/ their signature style again and back to a more trip hop focused vibe throughout... so many stunning and awesome tracks! Pancakes & Time for Space are just incredible.
  9. Seven Seas
    by emancipator
    Canopy Canopy
    This album just keeps getting better with every listen. I can hear him maturing as an artist and polishing his sound whilst staying innovative and fresh. All In Here is such a great start, Seven Seas, 1993, Ocelot and Canopy just blow me away. Particularly 1993 and Canopy, such amazing tracks, love the journies they take you on!
  10. touch without cold
    by falls
    inverse sky inverse sky
    Falls, thank you so much, what a gift this ep and your music is. Inverse sky is my favourite track as it absolutely blew me away and I've had it on repeat for the best part of a week! But Water confluence is also incredible and What's at the end left me speechless, in fact it might end up over taking inverse sky as my favourite. Seriously awesome music and amazing artist.
  11. Falling Down
    by Glen Porter
    And Death Of And Death Of
    Amazing album and a brilliant new discovery! Where has Glen Porter been all my life! And death of is so good I honestly can't describe it well enough, and I love the shamisen sound. This producer can do no wrong in my eyes. A complex, powerful and at times dark album that lifts the soul and takes you on a journey of awe.
  12. freeform jazz
    by uyama hiroto
    Yamato Damasii Yamato Damasii
    Love this album so much, so great to Uyama back in the studio producing an even better album than his debut and truly pushing the boundaries on nu-jazz trip-hop. The first few tracks of the album flow so well together it's hard to not listen to it all in one go... Yamato Damasii is sublime with it's uber powerful signature kick drum and epic melody. So glad to hear Nujabes living on.
  13. Broken Mamori
    by Stèv
    Imploding Purple Clouds Imploding Purple Clouds
    What an EP this is!!! Absolute must have for Stév fans and anyone who likes Loci Records / awesome music.Imploding Purple Clouds might just be my favourite Stév track yet...
  14. The Open Road and The Smell of Blood
    by Glen Porter
    The Smell Of Blood The Smell Of Blood
    Cliche but truth. I can't get enough of Glen Porter, his sound is just magnificent and this is yet another album of delicious beats, intricate and powerful guitars and samples and just epicness. And it does make me think of road trips. Big up Glen Porter. Please keep them coming!
  15. Reflections
    by Blazo
    Lucid Dream Lucid Dream
    Blazo. Wow, where have you been! This is incredible probably my favourite of his so far. So many soulful, beautifully deep, simple yet complex and powerful tracks. Lucid Dream, Reality Check and Improvise are superb. I love the nujabes influence that is here, yet not just a bite, Blazo shows he is unique and clever in every track.
  16. Alone Journey
    by Blazo
    Introducing Introducing
    I actually am in love with this intro tune. Best album intro ever. The rest of this fantastic album should not be left unmentioned! Tracks like Time in Motion, Conscious and Monk In A Hurry remind me of Nujabes, Fat Jon and all the trip hop greats, yet are refreshing, crisp and powerful in their own right. Blazo is one to watch!
  17. torn between comas
    by falls
    waste aside waste aside
    Another excellent album from Falls. I love the atmosphere he creates with his music and this album oozes deep contemplation combined with a more upbeat feel than his previous work... Love Stray_46 & Waste aside the most. Such a great artist, thank you.
  18. Colors of Jazz
    by Blazo
    Illusive Azure Illusive Azure
    Blazo smashes it here with this amazing album full of funky, soulful, jazzy inspired beats and soundscapes. Illusive Azure, Natural Green, Reflecting Purple - just a few of the brilliant tracks that made me put this on repeat for days. This is unbelievably good and so well produced. I want more.
  19. Colors of Jazz 2
    by Blazo
    Tender Grapphite Tender Grapphite
    Blazo smashes it again with the sequel to one of my favourite albums in years! Words don't do justice. Tender Graphite makes me want to snap my neck from head nodding. Every tracks is sublime, one of those rare albums that can be left to run from start to finish.
  20. Annutara Ash
    by Manu Shrine
    Lie Lie
    Deep, dark, soulful and powerful does not do justice to sum up this incredible album from one of the best new alternative electronica producer's around. So sad he passed away before more people realised. RIP Manu. Never forgotten.