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  1. Endless Valley (demo)
    by Autrest
  2. The Light
    by Cephalophore
  3. Seraphimus
    by Cephalophore
  4. The Eye of Heaven
    by Cephalophore
  5. The Song of the Seraphim Echos into Eternity
    by Cephalophore
  6. Exalted March of Purification
    by Cephalophore
  7. Drifting
    by Liminal Dream
  8. A Train in Desolation
    by Liminal Dream
  9. Reue
    by Leipa
    Reue Reue
    Be a better friend to yourself and buy this. Then be considerate and gift it to someone you respect. Just as excellent as Sisyphus but drives harder when it needs and works in some quiet when it wants. Exemplary.
  10. Imposter Syndrome
    by Whores.
  11. Tristitiae
  12. Everyday, Things Are Getting Worse
    by Thou & The Body
  13. Ghost Condensate
    by Mesarthim
  14. Spectral Wound - Terra Nullius
    by Media Tree Recordings
  15. infernal decadence
  16. Flameless
    by Veldes
  17. Saule
    by SAULE
  18. Thaw
    by Arkheron Thodol
  19. Oneironaut EP
    by Arkheron Thodol
  20. Unloved
    by Frontierer