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  1. Апостол
    by Batyushka
  2. Unexpected Joy EP
    by Royal Ruckus
  3. Mea Culpa
    by Tordenskrall
  4. RR12 Saturday Night Karaoke - Discography
    by Saturday Night Karaoke
    appears in 1 other collection
  5. Semper Reformanda
    by Epta Astera
    by Epta Astera
  7. Misnomer
    by Weathered
  8. Visions Of Archetype and Apocalypse
    by Light Unseen
  9. Through It All
    by Jeremiah's Grotto
  10. Dad Gang Ep
    by Light The Way
  11. [ZAP-055] United Harvest Workers Union
    by United Harvest Workers Union
  12. [ZAP-025] ...A Goon's Best Friend
    by 2Minute Minor
  13. [ZAP-056] DIY Together
    by DIY Together
  14. Dieu, la Rue, la République
    by Constantinople
  15. The Sacraments Project
    by The Sacraments Project
  16. Rotten Climate
    by Rotten Earth
  17. Alternative Translation
    by Weathered
  18. Cursed To Hell EP
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  19. Crush The Parasites EP
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  20. Super Heavy Galactic Stuff
    by The Alex Jones Prison Planet
  21. Löwenherz
    by Sonne der Gerechtigkeit
    appears in 1 other collection
  22. Self Titled [EP]
    by They Wither
  23. The Book Of Darkened Tales From A Morbid Past
    by Imperial Dusk
  24. Lie
    by Enouement
  25. The Church Is At Fault
    by Elephant Watchtower
  26. Even If I Lose
    by Armond WakeUp
  27. Riders Of Vikings (Remastered)
    by Imperial Dusk
  28. Vision of God Records CBM singles
    by Vision of God Records
  29. Psalm 59
    by Hilastherion
  30. Demo
    by Within Thy Wounds
  31. Death Force - Maggot Devourment Ritual
    by The Bearded Dragon
  32. Vestiges I
    by întristare
  33. Body of Christ
    by Bismoth / Symphony of Heaven / TIMŌRĀTUS
  34. Shadow Puncher - We Wish You A Merry Christmas
    by The Bearded Dragon
  35. Timōrātus - Christmas Present Crisis
    by The Bearded Dragon
  36. [ZAP-054] You Know What Mate? This Actually Ain't Half Bad!
    by The Warrington Ska Punk Show
  37. All glory to the king of the kings and the lord of the lords
    by Shadow Puncher
  38. Unepoch
    by Unblack Metal Fist
  39. Spring Of The Songbird
    by Sivion
  40. Ignorance Is Woe
    by A Martyr's Oath
  41. Families/Kevin Schlereth Split
    by Families
  42. SPIRIT
    by Irae
  43. Maiden Voyage
    by In This World
  44. Families/Foxhollow Split
    by Families
  45. One Path To The Heavenly Kingdom
    by Shadow Puncher