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  1. Guitar Meanderings II
    by Dylan Golden Aycock
  2. Still Innocence
    by Lustre
  3. Wonder
    by Lustre
  4. Blossom
    by Lustre
  5. I want to be there
    by Sadness
  6. Before it all
    by The Penitent
  7. Dor - Bonus Album
    by Clouds Official
  8. Lost In An Endless Delighted Illusion
    by Sacrimoon
  9. Far Away From the Painless Life
    by Traurigkeit
  10. A.I.D.S
    by Nocturnal Degrade
  11. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
  12. Dush agh Golnauk
    by Keys of Orthanc
  13. LTT018 - Mitätöivää
    by Dharsvagûndzmal
  14. Before it all
    by The Penitent
    Before it all (Part I) Before it all (Part I)
    One of the best albums of 2019. This album has everything I would ever want in DSBM
  15. Ghost Condensate
    by Mesarthim
  16. Descendence Forever
    by Eternal Blight
  17. Discography
    by wecamewithbrokenteeth
  18. CR002 "Natural History"
  19. Departe
    by Clouds Official
  20. For We Are Not Beasts [EP]
  21. Echoes From Eta Carinae
    by Alrakis
  22. Infernal Atrocity
    by Revulsed
  23. There is no useless pain
    by Ter Ziele
  24. like plump birds along the shore
    by drew richardson
  25. The Ritualist
    by Lonely Star
  26. Imperfect (Split)
    by Violet Cold
  27. Imperfect
    by Violet Cold, Sadness, A Light In The Dark, Unreqvited, Show Me A Dinosaur
  28. Spiritual Violence
    by Live or Leave
    appears in 1 other collection
  29. My Personal Heaven
    by Lonely Star
  30. I Swear It's Okay
    by Jared Dines
  31. Split
  32. Fragments
    by Dreariness
  33. The Great Filter (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  34. TYPE III (E.P.)
    by Mesarthim
  35. A Train in Desolation
    by edëhmä
  36. Rose / Lavender
    by Sadness
  37. The Prevailing
    by K. Gautier
  38. Disquiet
    by Unreqvited
  39. Vanished
    by A Light in the Dark
  40. Night Sky
    by Chiral
  41. An Open Letter / Sadness
    by An Open Letter / Sadness
  42. The Harrowing of Hell
    by Azrael
  43. Yūgen
    by Ashbringer
  44. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
  45. The Inward Cold
    by Eneferens