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Benedict Roff-Marsh

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  1. Anomaly
    by synkrotron
  2. Video Jams
    by Moot Booxlé
  3. Post No Bills
    by Post No Bills
  4. Le Baiser de la Mort
    by Monde Cruel
  5. Aythar at Samsara Festival 2017 [In the Mix]
    by Aythar
  6. The World God Wanted to Create - EP
    by MARTH
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. The Dark Side Of Destiny
    by Stoned Karma
    The Dark Side Of Destiny The Dark Side Of Destiny
    This is rather reminiscent of early Fleetwood Mac or even Bo Hansson. Progressive Blues Rock (or just plain Prog). Well worth it.
  8. You're so kind
    by Al Faraway
  9. Death Metal 1: At Death's Door
    by The Metal Observer
  10. Secret Steel - Power Metal 1: Genesis
    by The Metal Observer
    Fraser Edwards - I Am God Fraser Edwards - I Am God
    Bought this and the Death Metal 1 collections. Really nice to hear a variety of stuff. All well performed & recorded. Somehow this seems more interesting material than a lot of bigger names as it seems honest. Thanks Mr Observer.
  11. Digital Holocaust
    by FHTH
    Father, Forgive Me Father, Forgive Me
    Pleased I got this. I ti s natural progression of EBM (Front 242, KMFDM etc) without too much intrusion from Trance etc. Well worth it.
  12. Bethany's Cradle (Original Soundtrack)
    by Klaus Morlock
    Klaus, you've done it again. Well at least you did it in 1974 using a pre-release CS-80 no less! If there were any current artist I was influenced by it would be Mr Morlock.
  13. On the Road
    by K.Markov
    Real Berlin School that despite sounding like it could have been released in the 80's adds to the genre rather than crying "me too".
  14. Tulameen
    by Tulameen
  15. Circadian Rhythms
    by BURG
    Pretty darned good real Electronic Music in the real meaning of the style.
  16. Haunting Me EP
    by Magic Dance
    Still Haunting Me Still Haunting Me
    Odd that this starts with an instrumental (and perhaps the weakest track) but still a lovely EP and sign of great things to come. I enjoy every time I hear it.
  17. Across Infinity
    by Tau Ceti
    A New Home A New Home
    A solid slab of Robert Miles-esque New Age sub-Dance. Pleasing melodies and a nice overall sound.
  18. Penumbra
    by Klaus Morlock
    Lovely Molly Lovely Molly
    Klaus ignores fashion and makes truly perfect music to suit his vision of 70's spooky movies.
  19. Blue Planet Talisman
    by Bouvetøya
    From art to music this presents a very nice package that is pleasing to engage with.
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