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  1. The End of an Era | Rebirth
    by Inferi
    The Warrior's Infinite Opus The Warrior's Infinite Opus
    Inferi is unstoppable. This album is pure melodic tech perfection. The production is their best yet and the reworking of the songs is so tasty. This is the best line up to date as well. These guys are the current kings of Tech Death. Killer stuff.
  2. Live at Musicmaker 2018
    by Evan Marien x Dana Hawkins
    Sweatn Sweatn
  3. Cosmic Conspiracy
    by Starseed
    Crusade to Terra Crusade to Terra
  4. Evolving Transhumanism
    by Theory In Practice
    The Amendment Of Germplasm The Amendment Of Germplasm
    Killer single from a killer band. I just wish it came with another full album.
  5. Of Erthe and Axen Act II (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
    Reveal Your Shape, O Formless One Reveal Your Shape, O Formless One
    Following on from the epic masterpiece that was Act I this continues the mastery. The composition remains majestic and emotive. To be fully enjoyed the two Acts should be savored together for the total immersive experience.
  6. Of Erthe and Axen: Act I (2017)
    by Xanthochroid
    To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand To Higher Climes Where Few Might Stand
    Stunningly beautiful and epic masterpiece. This along with it’s counterpart, Act II, are displays of compositional expertise. This albums overflows with emotion and yet has a grand and complex scope. It remains intimate and ambitious at the same time.
  7. Blessed He With Boils (2012)
    by Xanthochroid
    Blessed He With Boils Blessed He With Boils
  8. The Uncanny Valley
    Neo Tokyo Neo Tokyo
  9. Revenant
    by Inferi
    Thy Menacing Gaze Thy Menacing Gaze
    I was sceptical that this album could live up to Path...(which is probably my favorite metal album) but wow it may even be better. This just has everything you could ask for from metal. Its technical yet extremely melodic and musical. It oozes epic at every change and just blasts your face right off with every listen. I can't stop hitting play again every time the album ends...AOTY.
  10. Ex Metallo
    by Gladius Sky
    Ode to the Hammer Ode to the Hammer
  11. Under The Fig Tree
    by Ma'anish
    Necessary Evil Necessary Evil
  12. Moongod
    by Aeternam
    Moongod Moongod
    This album and band in general absolutely rips. When I'm feeling like something epic and laced with myth, legend and history then these guys are a definite go to band. Love these guys
  13. Nim Quartet
    by Nim Sadot
    John John
  14. Abeng
    by rich brown
    Window Seat Window Seat
  15. Elements of Instability
    by Fuck You And Die
    Security Through Obscurity Security Through Obscurity
  16. Xul - Malignance
    by XUL
    Battlestorm Battlestorm
    This album reminds me of all the things i loved about all the old school 90's shit i grew up with but with great production and badass modern execution. These guys need more love coz this shit slays.
  17. Besieged
    by Resurgence
    Entombed Inside Your Brain Entombed Inside Your Brain
    This is like getting an old school death metal round-house kick to the face. Its just total badassery. Its cool to see these guys do the OSDM thing but still sound modern and totally engaging and not just clones of the past. killer stuff.
  18. Polygondwanaland
    by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    Crumbling Castle Crumbling Castle
  19. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
    by Virulent Depravity
    Serpentine Messiah Serpentine Messiah
  20. Underneath a Melting Sky
    by Inanimate Existence
    In Moonlight I Am Reborn In Moonlight I Am Reborn
    Great job buy these guys. This is my personal favorite album from this killer band and is an instant classic. The album slays throughout. Buy it wont regret it.
  21. Acolytes Eternal
    by A Loathing Requiem
    The Mortal's Harvest The Mortal's Harvest
    This album is an absolute killer and I gotta say that in my opinion Malcolm is the current king of progressive tech death. Get this shit now!!!
  22. Do Not Deviate
    by Replacire
    Do Not Deviate Do Not Deviate
  23. Engram Of Decline
    by Fractal Universe
    Sons Of ignorance Sons Of ignorance
  24. The Further Side
    by Nova Collective
    The Further Side The Further Side
    This is extremely tasty Jazz fusion/Prog rock. These guys have given us killer music from start to finish on this record. Music that is vibrant and full of life and rich with texture. Very cool stuff.
  25. Eccentricity
    by Lizard Professor
    Celestial Downpour Celestial Downpour
    Wow i just discovered these guys on my bandcamp feed and what a sick discovery it is. These guys are insane. Tight, interesting, technical, progressive, intense and damn cool. More people need to know about this band...Awesome album.
  26. The Farthest Reaches
    by Son Of Aurelius
    The Farthest Reaches The Farthest Reaches
    These guys are great and this album rips. I love the second album too even though its quite a departure from this...can't wait to see what they do next. Cool band.
  27. Aathma
    by Persefone
    Stillness is Timeless Stillness is Timeless
    Persefone have done it again. Created a truly epic, killer of an album. These guys are great at giving us something familiar while also having their own unique sound and feel. Superb writing and flawless playing with of course the guitar pyrotechnics we are used to from these guys. Transcendent stuff. Metal masterpiece.
  28. Featuring Ourselves
    by Alex Machacek
    Gnade Gnade
    This is yet another fantastic album by Alex and band. It's total Holdsworth and Zappa ("Inca Roads"era) love, which is totally fine with me because they do it so well. Awesome album
  29. Retro
    by Gary Willis
    Change Agent Change Agent
    Gary Willis is the man. I love almost everything he's been apart of or put out over the years. His bass playing is a mix of pure class and expertise as well as unique creativity and pure coolness. Gary is one of the very best and one of my absolute favorite bass players and composers.
  30. FAT
    by Alex Machacek
    Why Not? (aka Disco Polka) Why Not? (aka Disco Polka)
    Yes its super cool and these guys have a great chemistry...great playing, cool compositions, fantastic album.
  31. Improvision
    by Alex Machacek
    Along Came a Spider Along Came a Spider
    This is 3 great musicians flexing their improv muscle and giving us one hell of a great album by doing so. Alex is yet to put out an album i don't like and this one is a real beauty. If you like sophisticated and cool playing and great fusion jazz then don't hesitate...this album is awesome!!
  32. Afterglow
    by Resolution 88
    Three Four Or More Three Four Or More
  33. Stars Misaligned EP
    by Enigma
    Stars Misaligned Stars Misaligned
  34. Human (Reissue)
    by Death
    Lack Of Comprehension Lack Of Comprehension
    Death really new how to make a great album and Human was one of their best. Killer from start to finish and a legit classic. The reissue sounds great.
  35. Polemic
    by Contrarian
    Foreknowledge Foreknowledge
    This is a really cool album. It totally has that classic old school late 80's early 90's vibe. Plus bonus points for a pretty sweet album cover.
  36. Individual Thought Patterns (Reissue)
    by Death
    Nothing Is Everything Nothing Is Everything
    Well this is a true metal masterpiece and i just had to have the reissue because it sounds killer. A truely pioneering album that's filled from start to finish with greatness. Absolutely love this album. RIP Chuck.
  37. The Key
    by Nocturnus
    Neolithic Neolithic
    How great was this band?!?! Between this album and Thresholds you've got some of the best tech metal of the nineties and for me still holds true to this day. Absolutely great and classic album.
  38. Birthing Homunculi
    by Equipoise
    Birthing Homunculi Part II: Sigil Insidious Birthing Homunculi Part II: Sigil Insidious
    Great introductory EP for this band who are loaded with talent. The songs are technical but musical and very cool. Can't wait to see what the LP will be like with a real drummer onboard...should be epic.
  39. Elements
    by Atheist
    Animal Animal
    Atheist really took their whole thing to another level on this album. Expanding on their already diverse sound. On Elements we really got so much more to sink our teeth into. A really amazing album and a great classic.
  40. Thresholds (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Nocturnus
    Subterranean Infiltrator Subterranean Infiltrator
    This album is the gift that keeps on giving. Awesome old school prog/tech/space/death metal. Super cool compositions, exciting shred and epic keys make this the great classic album that it is.
  41. Unquestionable Presence
    by Atheist
    Unquestionable Presence Unquestionable Presence
    Well this is a true metal classic and one hell of an album. Complexity meets composition and uniqueness. Loved it back in the day and stoked to have it back in my collection now.
  42. Hyaena
    by Sadist
    The Lonely Mountain The Lonely Mountain
    Really cool, interesting album by these guys. One of those albums that has many familiar attributes from various styles yet still feels original and sounds totally unique.
  43. Truth In Perception
    by Aronious
    Disillusionment I Disillusionment I
  44. Glorification of a Myth
    by Ouroboros
    Sanctuary Sanctuary
    This album kills from start to finish with killer riffs and solid, tight as a motherfucker playing. This album and the next one "Emanations" are both awesome.
  45. Spiritual Migration
    by Persefone
    The Majestic of Gaia The Majestic of Gaia
    These guys are an epic powerhouse of amazingly good progressive death metal. love it!!!