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  1. Resurrection
    by Gasoline Lollipops
    I'll Be There For You I'll Be There For You
    Really cool release, equal parts dark, melodic, soulful and gritty.

    Not a Country fan by any means but this just really hits the spot for me.
  2. Heartless
    I Saw The End I Saw The End
    Pallbearer have once again brought us a masterclass in misery, pain and melancholy. Heartless feels more refined and expansive than their previous efforts, occasionally taking us to more aggressive and progressive territores that were hitherto unexplored. These boy's just seem to get better and better with every release!
  3. The Moon EP
    by Cambrian Explosion
    Mugen = Mugen Mugen = Mugen
    One of those bandcamp gems that you'd just never find elsewhere. Great blend of psychedelic textures, prog structures and heavy riffs. Reminds me quite a lot of Iron Maidens proggier stuff in recent years on Crust of Theia and My Sleeping Karma on Mugen = Mugen.
  4. Sorni Nai
    by Kauan
    akva akva
    Incredible concept album. Manages to set a perfect balance between post-rock and black metal with touches of neo-classical and folk. Really evocative when taken in context with its subject material, the mysterious Dyatlov Pass incident.
  5. Conan - Mount Wrath: Live At Roadburn 2012
    by Conan
    Hawk As Weapon Hawk As Weapon
    "Contemplate this on the Tree of Woe"
  6. Belfry
    by Messa
    Blood Blood
    One of the most captivating Doom releases I've ever come across. Equal parts heavy, subtle and mystical. A truly monolithic audio experience.
  7. Wretch
    by Wretch
    Rest In Peace Rest In Peace
  8. For None and All
    by SPELL
    Whipping Sigils Whipping Sigils
    Discovered through Fenriz. Whipping Sigils is possibly one of the best songs ever recorded. No exaggeration. That chorus section is just one massive eargasm.
  9. Forgotten Kingdom
    by Jim Causley
    Absolutely stunning. I've been searching for a folk album like this for years. Incredibly evocative and powerful. Sounds like a modern day John Tams to my ears. Great stuff.
  10. Mammatus
    by Mammatus
    Dragon of the Deep Part one Dragon of the Deep Part one
    What a great sound! Like the droney parts of Sleep meets the Psych Rock of Earthless. Really great to chill to on vinyl.
  11. The Summer Drones
    by Inter Arma
    Combining all of the best elements of psychedelic and stoner doom to make what could be the most driving, catchy and heavy song of 2016. Can't stop listening to it.
  12. Quaternity
    by Sabbath Assembly
    Jehovah on Death Jehovah on Death
    As soon as I got to track two I realised I had to buy this beautiful album. I have never heard anything quite like it. What I've always wanted for music. Esoteric ramblngs, wonderful, enchanting acoustic guitar work and sublime strings. Ticks all of the boxes I never knew I had!
  13. Hic Abundant Leones
    by The Tower
    Lions At The Gate Lions At The Gate
    Bought this when Bad Omen records were doing their sale in support of the Dakota Pipeline Access Protest. Took my a few months to get around to listen to it and I have to say this is actually outstanding! A brilliant heavy blues, psych odyssey that sounds both fresh and retro at the same time.
  14. Sleep's Holy Mountain (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Sleep
    Evil Gypsy / Solomon's Theme Evil Gypsy / Solomon's Theme
    One of the most inspirational stoner albums of all time. Heavy as hell and one of my most listened to albums of 2016 (24 years late I know). Can't wait to spin this on vinyl.
  15. Black Age Blues
    by Goatsnake
    Coffee & Whiskey Coffee & Whiskey
    Brilliant fun. All that needs to be said. Monumentally heavy and groovy, great party album.
  16. Prelude
    by Wytch Hazel
    He Shall Reign He Shall Reign
    Fenriz approved NWOBHM who sing about God, who'd have thought! Sounds like a modern Wishbone Ash mixed with some heavy guitars with a bit of added folk. Really enjoyable release. Some lovely harmonies and melodies.
  17. Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
    by Immortal
    The Call Of The Wintermoon The Call Of The Wintermoon
    Silly videos aside, the first Immortal album was still a landmark BM release. It is both entirely different from their later discography, in tone and style, and more progressive than most of their contemporaries. But this album is all about vibey Bathory worship. Well worth a buy!
  18. Bridging Realms
    by Dreadnought
    Odyssey Odyssey
    I genuinely haven't heard anything quite this original in a very long time. It seems to combine all the best aspects of 70's prog but repackages it with a fantastic production and an inspired vocal performance. Those first notes of Ode To Ether hit me with a wave of chills that lasts until the end of the album. Superb.
  19. Odyssey to the West
    by Slice The Cake
    Stone and Silver Part II - The Horned God Stone and Silver Part II - The Horned God
    Probably one of the best progressive death metal releases I've heard since Opeth's Watershed. Brilliant collaboration album, tight performance and an inspired concept.
  20. Woodfall
    by Musk Ox
    Part 1 - Earthrise Part 1 - Earthrise
    I've had this album in my head since I heard it last Autumn. There's something so calming and and humbling about the music. It takes you and frees you from the daily trappings of modern life and transports you to the wild.

    These guys have channeled something brilliantly here and it haunts me every day!
    by Ulver
    Desert/Dawn Desert/Dawn
    Dark & brooding. One of the most addictive Ulver albums I've heard to date and my favourite since Shadows of the Sun. There's a real Brian Eno/John Carpenter mash-up vibe here which works incredibly well.
  22. The Camel, The Lion, The Child
    by He Whose Ox is Gored
    Zelatype Zelatype
    Brooding & Innovative. This album seethes with frustration and sounds like progress. It seamlessly blends sludge, prog and post-rock sensibilities. Great album.
  23. Knuckle Duster
    by Asomvel
    Dead Set On Livin' Dead Set On Livin'
    Motorhead for the modern age. Get drunk, get roudy and enjoy.
  24. A Head Full Of Moonlight
    by Good Tiger
    Enjoy The Rain Enjoy The Rain
    Honestly, there have been a lot of great albums from 2015 but this one actually took my breath away. Beautiful vocals, amazing textures and some truly innovative riffing. AOTY.
  25. Blessed Be My Brothers
    by Sarpanitum
    Blessed Be My Brothers Blessed Be My Brothers
    Epic, twisting and violent Death Metal. Sounds like Gorguts being played by Emperor who are being beaten up by Morbid Angel.

    Great stuff and nice to see some home-grown UK Death Metal Talent.
  26. Through Darkness Into Light
    by The Visit
    Without This Flesh Without This Flesh
    Superb album. I see it as a sort of musical companion to 'Woodfall', Musk Ox's latest effort, with Weinroth playing beautifully on both releases. Wonderfully melancholic and great for a rainy day or walk in the woods...
  27. M
    by Myrkur
    Mordet Mordet
    One of the best BM albums I've heard in years.

    Original and haunting and with some of the coldest and terrifying shrieks I've ever heard.

    Even better that the BM purists are annoyed about the fact that this is the output of a female indie singer.
  28. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II) Hope and Shadow (Ash Memory Part II)
    Probably the only folk metal (ish) album I can listen to all the way through without my cheese meter overloading.

    Combines all the best bits from Moonsorrow, Ensiferum and even Opeth at times. Great singing and musicianship and the production really does it justice.

    Definitely my AOTY for 2015.
  29. Unplugged
    Don't You Dare To Call Us Heavy Metal Don't You Dare To Call Us Heavy Metal
    Brilliant stuff. I wouldn't call myself a grindcore aficionado by any stretch of the word, but this album was too fun to ignore. Short and sweet.
  30. Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer
    by V/A
    Musk Ox - The Face of Patience Musk Ox - The Face of Patience
    Loving the idea of a varied group of musicians writing a specific piece of music focused on the same thing, in this instance Caspar David Friedrich's masterful painting.

    Wonderful variety and some truly astounding gems, notably Agalloch, Musk Ox and Nechocwens efforts.
  31. The White EP
    by Agalloch
    Pantheist Pantheist
    Few bands surprise me these days and Agalloch are one of them. Never before have I heard music which has been so deeply moving and personal. This is music about landscape, history and the connection between human beings and nature and Agalloch exemplify this relationship perfectly. Truly Beautiful.
  32. Against This Weald
    by Ifing
    The Stream The Stream
    This album is a magnificent call back to the stylings of Ulver and it shows just how far BM has come in the last two decades. For fans of Moonsorrow I would say.
  33. Dødsfest!
    Vulpes Vulpes, Mustela Lutreola, Praedium Vulpes Vulpes, Mustela Lutreola, Praedium
  34. Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Live in San Diego
    by The Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale
    One of the most entertaining and brilliant pieces of theater I've ever had the pleasure of listening to!
  35. PINK GUY
    by Pink Guy
    Ramen King Ramen King