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Daydream Mountain

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  1. Beta
    Beautiful, glitched out organic textures. Optimistic, bright and warm vibes. Can't recommend it enough.
  2. comfy
    by catbeats
  3. Saturn in Freefall
    by High Skies
    New music from Mat Jarvis after 10 years? Instant purchase!
  4. Sweatpants And Coffee
    by catbeats
  5. Self-Titled & Night Chill
    by catbeats
  6. Cozy
    by catbeats
  7. No One Answer
    by Daedelus
  8. a tape of a tape of a tape of a time
    by Lullatone
  9. Moss Magic
    by catbeats
  10. Kuuhaku
    by Morimoto Naoki
  11. The Peripatetic
    by Jeffrey Bützer
    valse 6 valse 6
    Heartfelt and beautiful melodies!
  12. closing hour at the cat café
    by catbeats
  13. Pug Life
    by catbeats
  14. night chill
    by catbeats
  15. TOY CELESTA sample set
    by LULLATONE sample sets
  16. jazz
    by Louie Zong
    charlie brown's day off charlie brown's day off
    Louie Zong sounds so much like Vince Guaraldi (the guy who did the soundtrack for the original Peanuts animations) on "charlie brown's day off" that it's stupid. Bought this album instantly after hearing that track.
  17. Room Loops
    by Lullatone
    Straight from the Lullatone lab! A more raw release for sure, but if you are interested in the creative process at all, you will appreciate the explorative nature of this. It feels like a sneak peak into more polished music to come. And did I mention that it's super chill and cozy, too? Recommended!
  18. CASSETTE CLARINET sample set
    by LULLATONE sample sets
    A really great sample set with a lot of warmth. I played the first patch as a bass clarinet in one of my songs, and it sounded really warm and lovely!
  19. outside sandwiches
    by Lullatone
  20. Sunny
    by Kiefer