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  1. Loose
    by petrillo
  2. Three Songs from Exile
    by Continuals
  3. Captivating Year
    by Continuals
  4. Freedom's Goblin
    by Ty Segall
  5. Why You Don’t Come Around
    by Wowza in Kalamazoo
  6. Success
    by Oneida
  7. Green and Gray
    by Pile
  8. Dripping
    by Pile
  9. Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
    by Hey Colossus
  10. Happy Birthday
    by Hey Colossus
  11. In the Corners of a Sphere-Filled Room
    by Pile
  12. Songs Known Together, Alone
    by Pile
  13. Cyclical Traces
    by Seth Nehil
  14. Charlton Trax
    by MSD
  15. Puritan
    by Chris Brokaw
  16. RRR
    by Hey Colossus
  17. Dream Violence
    by Michael Beach
  18. Now For Example
    by Thigh Master
  19. Solutions-Based Entertainments
    by Future Living
  20. Dead Roots Stirring (REMASTERED)
    by Elder