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  1. Summer Fall
    by Moresounds
  2. Wishes
    by The Bird And The Bee
    by Cookin Soul
  4. Remix Anthology Vol. 1 (2005-2015)
    by Cookin Soul
    I've talked to Cookin Soul on Sound Cloud and he's the nicest guy, and he stays true to his art. This Anthology is amazing. His productions are clean and intelligently executed. This is a true gem! Much love C.S.-Pity the Villain
  5. [shhht_12]
    by great skies
  6. Brooklyn Sunburn (Single)
    by Teen Daze
  7. MADE IN HEIGHTS [2012 album]
  8. Drugs EP
    by Mr. Carmack
    /\\ir. Carmack is |<i|\|g. Every production is unique, and he blends a number of techniques to make insane sounds. He stays true to his gritty, dark roots and takes massive risks in order to create artistically successful music. /\\UCH Lo\/E--->Pity the Villain
  9. think about the flowers in the backyard (2015)
    by swell.
  10. theres still us EP
    by swell
  11. we'll both be out soon.
    by swell.
    by mr. carmack
  13. Without My Enemy What Would I Do
    This superb duo strut their stuff on one of the most compelling albums on the planet. Every track on this genre-bending masterpiece is thoughtfully arranged and executed beautifully. Don't sleep on this one.
  14. Space Traitor Vol.1
    by Starkey
    Sound-Design / Vocals / Clean Low-End Frequencies / & More Awesomeness. Highly Recommended!
  15. Rainbow Stars Single
    by Druma Kina
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Vesna
    by Quok
  17. Too Real
    by Giraffage