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Noah Orlowski

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  1. Stereophonic Freak Out Vol.1 LP
    by The Black Furs
    Black Limousine Blues Black Limousine Blues
    Doom metal and blues are a combination that will never cease to sound incredible. This band is sicker than a puppy, hotter than your sister, heavier than your mom, and harder than a jock on prom night. 10/10
  2. The Velveteers
    by The Velveteers
  3. Esoteria
    by Spirettes
  4. For The People
    by Thee Dang Dangs
  5. Ojos Del Sol
    by Y La Bamba
  6. Mirage à Trois
    by Dragondeer
  7. Shakey Graves - Audiotree Live
    by Shakey Graves
  8. Shakey Graves (Session #2) - Audiotree Live
    by Shakey Graves
  9. Neon West
    by Nightmare Blue
  10. San Panino
    by Knuckle Pups
  11. Joy as an Act of Resistance.
    by IDLES
  12. Whoopie Cat
    by Whoopie Cat
  13. Overwhelmed and Underdressed
    by Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra
  14. Late One Saturday Evening
    by Alec Seward
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  15. Effortless EP
  16. Substantial Abuse
    by Substantial Abuse
  17. Alarm
    by Deaf Radio
  18. Snake Mountain Revival
    by Snake Mountain Revival
  19. Adult Colour / False Peaks (Split EP)
    by Adult Colour & False Peaks
  20. Sharp Teeth
    by SLYNGER
  21. Turtle Skull
    by Turtle Skull
  22. Night Champ EP
    by Night Champ
  23. Silver Tongue EP
    by The Sickly Hecks
    appears in 1 other collection
  24. ( ( ( I ' M  H E R O I N ) ) ) full album
    by Mephistofeles
  25. WHORE (full album)
    by Mephistofeles
  26. Abandoned Mansion
    by Dr. Dog
  27. Seven Thunders Roar
    by Stoned Jesus
  28. Crooked Nose / Jesse James EP
    by The Kinky Fingers
  29. Cowboy
    by Nightmare Blue
  30. Marti & The Dads - Shovel and a Gun
    by Marti and The Dads
  31. Hang Tentative
    by Marti and The Dads
  32. Big Ambition
    by Super Bummer
  33. Boy in a Well
    by The Yawpers
  34. Super Van Vacation
    by 1000mods
  35. Fish Eyes EP
    by Haley Heynderickx
  36. Free the Witch EP
  37. Our Mother Electricity
    by All Them Witches
  38. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
  39. The Astronaut's Wife
    by Bluebook
  40. Quattuor Ante Meridiem
    by The Savage Blush
    by The Savage Blush
  42. The Yawpers - Audiotree Live
    by The Yawpers
  43. SVVAMP
    by SVVAMP
    Set My Foot and Leave Set My Foot and Leave
    Totally assumed this record was made at the same time that CCR and Hendrix and the like were at their prime. I was blown away when I learned that, no, this record came out the same year that Bieber had the top two spots on the Billboard Top 100. From the straightforward rock and roll, to the folky goodness laden throughout, Svvamp is a fuckin treasure.
  44. The Bad Tuna
    by The Bad Light
  45. Glass Slipper
    by Glass Slipper