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  1. Hyborian Age
    by Hyborian Age
    Hyborian Age Hyborian Age
  2. Legacy of Atlantean Kings
    by Cauldron Born
    Bloodbath in the Arena Bloodbath in the Arena
    The first Digital Album i ever bought for a price like that (normally its too much for just digital imo) But its worth every cent !
  3. Sword and Sorcery Heavy Metal
    by Cauldron Born
    The Temple of Abomination The Temple of Abomination
    Would love getting some CD's.Sadly shipping costs are crazy atm (Not just here)
    But its a fantastic Album anyway !
  4. The Wizard and the Tower Keep
    by Legendry
    The Bard's Tale The Bard's Tale
    Truly a great piece of music, almost a sword and sorcery opus. Love every Album
  5. Overlords of Chaos
    by Ironsword
  6. Servants of Steel
    by Ironsword
  7. Realm of Chaos (Full Dynamic Range Edition)
    by Bolt Thrower
  8. Eons on Ahuna
    by Arcane Earth Reboot
  9. HDK 125 † Cro-man II: the Curse of the Wizard
    by GNOLL
  10. HDK 05 † The citadel of evil
    by GNOLL
  11. HDK 31 † Music for Dungeons
    by GNOLL
  12. The Soil Throne
    by Malediction
  13. Barbarian Echoes
    by Heroic Viking
  14. Ragnarok
    by Heroic Viking
  15. Kanonenfieber Live at Dark Easter Metal Meeting
    by Kanonenfieber
  16. Gift
    by Old Man Gloom
  17. With hearts toward none
    by Mgła
  18. Mdłości
    by Mgła
  19. Exercises in futility
    by Mgła
  20. Further down the nest
    by Mgła