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  1. Palimpsest
    by Protest the Hero
  2. Flashback
    by Haunt
  3. Sideways to New Italy
    by Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
  4. technicolor
    by covet
  5. Hit to Hit
    by 2nd Grade
  6. The Fear
  7. Curse of the Crystal Coconut
    by Alestorm
  8. Future Teenage Cave Artists
    by Deerhoof
  9. Strange To Explain
    by WOODS
  10. The Lunchbox EP
    by Pope
  11. NO DREAM
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  12. Extended Play
    by The Resonars
    Nobody Can Tell You What To Do Nobody Can Tell You What To Do
    Another excellent collection of extended plays by one of the best bands around.
  13. World As A Waiting Room
    by White Denim
    Another solid album by one of my favorite bands. Very great mix of catchy short and long songs. Excellent riffs and very catchy tunes.
  14. Omens
    by Elder
    In Procession In Procession
    One of my favourite records of 2020 been waiting for so long for the follow up to Reflections of a Floating world. It's a wonderful blend of modern and old school prog rock. From the keyboards to the lyrics and those beautiful and powerful guitar solos this is definitely a masterclass in prog. Each song brings something new to the table wether it be guitar tones or just cool song structuring and each song kept me very interested from start to finish.
  15. 暮らしのアルバム / The album on living
    by 野井勇飛 / Noi Yuhi
    休日海岸 / Holiday seashore 休日海岸 / Holiday seashore
    Great record. Very catchy Japanese indie rock that really reminds me of old school anime openings and closings from the 90's and early 2000's. Great mixture of heavy and poppy songs. Easily one of my favourite releases from Japan so far this year.
  16. Demos Vol. 1 - Topanga Canyon, CA - Feb 2018
    by Big Thief
    Great selection of demos that I've never heard before. Proudly supporting one of my favourite bands of the last 10 years.
  17. Oak, Ash & Thorn
    by Dark Forest
    Relics Relics
    One of the best finds of 2020 a great example of how to do some great old school sounding power metal. Really great catchy songs and the song structuring is amazing. Great guitars with some excellent solos thrown in as well. The vocalist has the voice of an angel. Love the album cover as well hopefully I can get it on a shirt soon. Definitely one of my favourite records of 2020 so far.
  18. Undercover of Moonlight
    by Cauldron
    Free Country (Witchfinder General) Free Country (Witchfinder General)
    Great selection of covers here some songs I've never even heard of before. Great surprise release.
  19. Behind The Empty House
    by Reader
    Behind The Empty House Behind The Empty House
    Two solid singles by one of my favourite up and coming acts. The level of technicality and depth in both of these singles is amazing Can't wait for the next album.
  20. Lost in the Country
    by Trace Mountains
    Me & May Me & May
    Amazing debut record by the former vocalist of LVL UP. Very cruisy, yet very catchy indie rock. Great mix of short catchy songs like Rock & Roll, Me & May and longer more experimental songs like Absurdity and Lost in the Country. Love how you can still hear some of those LVL UP elements in there as well. Great lyrics and great guitar hooks make for one of my favourite indie records of 2020.