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  1. The Ballad Of Doug
    by The Telephone Numbers
  2. "The Horse Is Good" tape (house-7)
    by Divorce Horse
  3. Absolute Disaster
    by Captain Frederickson
  4. New Long Leg
    by Dry Cleaning
    A different beast to the two EPs. It's more expansive and subtle in some ways but the production packs a punch.
    Review here:
  5. Righteous Jerk/Slip n Slide (AA side)
    by Nun Habit
  6. //TAPE 1//
    by R.AGGS
  7. Without You
    by Dissent
  8. Whether
    by Matthew Rains
  9. The More You Love Yourself The More You Will Be Loved
    by RKB Vitesse
  10. About Minerals
    by The Leaf Library
  11. Unearthed
    by Snout
    T'nous Yb Nusgod T'nous Yb Nusgod
    It's full of great little pop nuggets, strange-brained creativity and lovingly old school sounding production.
  12. A Constellation Of Bad Ideas
    by i'm being good
    Do The Math Do The Math
    I’m Being Good refuse to conform to trends. They only do so to their own established aesthetic and more power to them for that. Review:
  13. Don't Touch Me, I'm Too Slimy
    by The Slugs
    Girly Gang Girly Gang
    If you don't love the Slugs you have no heart or sense of fun. So pleased this has been given a physical release and hope the other two EPs will get the same treatment!
  14. "Halloween" - Live at JT Soar
    by Grey Hairs
  15. Yeah Well
    by Reciprocate
    Reciprocate’s sound is a raw, propulsive and twisted take on Post Hardcore. Review:
  16. Nape Neck
    by Nape Neck
    subscriber exclusive
  17. 176 EP
    by Pozi
    176 176
    Hard to pick a favourite track. This whole EP is a great expansion on their already unique sound. Review here:
  18. Shifts
    by Sea Glass
    How Can I Be You How Can I Be You
    Shifts is a simple, subtle exercise in minimalist repetition and harmony that is quiet, unassuming and stunning for that. Review:
  19. Bottomless, fluffy and responsive
    by An unlimited list of people
  20. let us be your snails
    by bald mermaid
    wet hand wet hand
    It's mad. For fans of the wilder side of Butthole Surfers, Mr Bungle and Boredoms.