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Sebastian Galasso

  1. New York, New York
  2. Blues
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  1. New Metal
    by Multiple Man
    Power Fantasy Power Fantasy
  2. Deformed Worship
    Cracked Flesh Cracked Flesh
  3. Blood Witness
    by REGIS
    Blood Witness Blood Witness
  4. Mince Glace
    by TARCAR
    Game Is Up Game Is Up
  5. Second Launch
    by BREMEN
    Static Interferences Static Interferences
    Ethereal, dark prog. A powerful psychedelic barrage of guitar, and ambient sounds. In many ways this album channels the secrets portals previously opened by Edgar Froese and Tangerine Dream as well as bands such as Hawkwind. There are also moments that feel like cinematic, as if this work were the soundtrack to an unmade surrealist noir with haunting moments of dream logic. The soundtrack to a film taking place in the deserts of Sedona.
  6. The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation
    by The Veldt
    Sanctified Sanctified
    A glimpse toward a psychedelic cyberpunk future. Twin brothers Daniel and Danny Chavis craft lush, dreamy guitars with the hypnotic, moody atmospherics with the brilliant Hayato (programming, and playing bass). There is a spirit of Love (Arthur Lee), with the haunted traces of Da Capo, and Forever Changes. One could wander through places like New York, Paris, and Berlin and feel the next step in the evolution of what has become known as shoegaze..
  7. fugue
    by blablarism
    willgetlostonthealley willgetlostonthealley
    Oksana Zmorovych's brilliant blablarism is a romantic journey of hope, cold, and light. The ethereal often ghostly sounds of the Fugue EP create a soothing, thoughtful trek somewhere through Eastern Europe's gorgeous landscapes, and aging cities. Meditative, haunting, and sensual, Fugue is an underrated piece of timeless esoteric beauty. I only wish there were more tracks on this release..
  8. Rotund For Success
    by Severed Heads
    Triangle Tangle Tango Triangle Tangle Tango
  9. Cuisine w Piscatorial.
    by Severed Heads
    Twister Twister

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  1. The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation
    by The Veldt