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  1. LATE NIGHT DELIGHT [Remastered]
  2. 128 State
    by Strawberry Station
  3. Mechanical Injury
    by Pinch Points
  4. Shelly's Gone
    by Surface to Air Missive
  5. Made of Breath Only
    by sleepmakeswaves
  6. one day you will teach me to let go of my fears
    by sleepmakeswaves
  7. Shadow Shaker Vol. 1
    by Fort Atlantic
  8. 𝐀𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐥𝐞
    by 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟭
  9. 𝟏𝟗𝟗𝟏
  10. Humavision
    by MightyGlen
    Near The Border Near The Border
    Makes me feel like I'm on a heist in a futuristic city.
  11. The Orchards
    by North Shore Memory Gardens
    The Interview The Interview
    I can't fully explain why, but this brought back a feeling of nostalgia of being in a mall as a kid. Really well done!
    by Vermilion
    Player 2 Player 2
    Each song makes sense in the context of a game, and that's really cool!
  13. O Come, All Ye Vapeful
    by Pacific Plaza Records
    Notebook Notebook
    What a weird album. I love it! "Notebook" is one of my genuine favorites, but "Santa Boy" comes in a close second just because of how odd it is. The early Christmas morning feeling the ambient "snowfall 2am" gives off is phenomenal and was definitely something I didn't expect to hear going into this compilation. Overall, I really liked this!
  14. 深夜のニュースを待っています
    by ロフィ騎手
    のんきな のんきな
    Have you ever been on hold for about half an hour? I have now.

    (Very chill vibes, I like it)
  15. Snowblow
    by Noizz Factor
    Snow In Hawaii Snow In Hawaii
    Really chill vibes coming from this album, very cool and well made.
  16. West Coast Dreams
    by The Motion Epic
    The Homecoming Dance The Homecoming Dance
    As short as it is, this album brings a feeling that I haven't felt in a while: genuine enjoyment. This is easily an essential synthwave album - I'd highly recommend it!
  17. Stratford Ct. | Secret Selection #41​-​50
    by Ѕtratford Ct.
    Jasper De Ceuster - Image Jasper De Ceuster - Image
    I absolutely love Stratford Ct. releases, and this one in particular has quite the variety!
  18. Cola
    by A Beacon School
    It's Late It's Late
    I'm so glad I found this album - it's full of incredible songs that I keep coming back to. You can really just put this album on, sit back, and relax.