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Bearl Hoffayeur

  1. Brittany, France
  2. Metal
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  1. Las Hogueras Arden Cada Vez Con Más Fuerza
    by EKKAIA
  2. Faucheuse
    by Faucheuse
  3. L'Orchaostre
    by WuW
  4. Plus le temps
    by Singe des rues
  5. Fêlé
    by Irracible
  6. Le Futur Est Là
    by Bombardement
  7. Pavillon rouge
    by Irracible
  8. SAT342: The Scum - The Hunger (2022)
    by Satanath Records
  9. For We Are The Plague
    by Maladie
  10. Wound Of Gods
    by Maladie
  11. Aftermath
    by Torturized
  12. The Sick Is Dead - Long Live The Sick
    by Maladie
  13. Unity In Pluralism
    by Burial Vault
  14. Tales Never Told
    by Iron Walrus
  15. Frost and Fire (40th Anniversary Edition)
    by Cirith Ungol
  16. Holocene Extinction i
    by Terra Mater
  17. Hammer of the Heretics
    by Autokrator
  18. A War Of Light Cones
    by Phantom Glue
  19. Rituals
    by Rituals
  20. Shallow Pools (Deluxe Edition)
    by The Amblers