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  1. Gail's Gift Sack
    by Various Artists
  2. Modular Island
    by World People Prod
  3. Falafel Secret EP
    by Noj Nor
  4. Deerfields
    by Kri Samadhi
  5. Kukulkan
    by Teorema
  6. Enter The Labirhythm
    by V/A (Forestdelic Records & Sangoma Records)
  7. Best Of World People (Free Download)
    by World People Prod
  8. Take Off EP
    by Mind Pirates
  9. Synchronicity In Memorie EP
    by World People Prod
  10. Robot Heart
    by Modkraft, Konrad
  11. The Beta Male
    by Ken Zo
  12. Shedding Skin (Dr. Strangefunk Remix)
    by MYDÄ
  13. Atomicus (Original Mix)
    by MYDÄ & Jossie Telch
  14. Go Wide
    by Redshift
  15. Modi5 (MYDÄ Remix)
    by Luis M
  16. The Moonlight Ritual
    by Myad
  17. Why Do Engineers Hate Humans. EP
    by Dark Matters
  18. Ananadamide
    by Mechnical Species
  19. Fried Patterns
    by Yabba Dabba
  20. Floating Gradients
    by Weirdbass
  21. Lost but not forgotten
    by Kryptone
  22. Lacerta - Auja EP
    by Lacerta
  23. Kala - Funktastic Groovers EP
    by Kala
  24. Contact With The Groove EP
    by Groove Hunter
  25. V.A. Tortuga Secrets #2
    by World People Prod
  26. Higher Purpose
    by Malákia
  27. Somewhere Between
    by Religare Records
  28. Dark Room EP
    by Supadupa
  29. Rainforest
    by Dirty Saffi
  30. Phobos Azazel - Acid Thunder (Forestdelic Records)
    by Forestdelic Records
  31. Light Deprivation
    by Kontrol Z
  32. Computing Earth EP
    by Oksha
  33. Rumble in the Jungle 2
    by Various Artists
  34. Non Serviam
    by Fagin's Reject
  35. Wild Techniques
    by Neutral Motion
  36. Everything is Energy
    by Diksha
  37. Chudl - Something i made up
    by Chudl
  38. Integration
    by Wishi
  39. Mechanical Species - Intellectual Captivity EP
    by Mechanical Species
  40. Chilling Dragon Tales 2
    by Various Artists
  41. Modicum
    by Various Artists
  42. The First Harvest EP
    by Sativa
  43. Focal EP
    by Oksha
  44. "Wrong Drop EP"
    by Southwild & Whiptongue
  45. Jungle Calling Vol. 2
    by Believe Lab